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This poem was written with the hope of finding my way out of depression and loneliness after leaving a relationship


song, my tempest angel
ring through my clouded breath
tones carry the lyrics of life
to bring the passage of death

oh, sweet melody rapture
i beseech you in respect
bring solitude to its end
with your holy dialect

tear tone notes of chant
blackens the once blue sky
softens my restless spirit
to ease me where i lie

words from unknown gods
sung through sirens lips
enchant this weary soul
buried in death's own crypts

so long, too long ago
was when i heard it last
a tender sorrow tale
that accompanies my past

but now i will sing
and release my heavy chains
so i can live in harmony
beneath the pouring rains

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6 Visitor Comments

Ash, I have been sitting here for almost 10 minutes trying to put into words how touched and affected I was, am and will continue to be by your words. I simply cannot. The only words I can think right now are yours. phenomenal. I will be looking for more of yours!
So far from what I have read you have a very unique style of writing. The song was melodic and flowing. Great writing technique, not an easy style of writing but you've mastered it. Actually it's perfect for an opening to a play, it sounds like it should be for the Odyessi. Very nice, I enjoyed it.
thats a wounderful poem. alot of people dont know how it feels. but u put it in words. thank you ash.
.lovely! thank you for sharing, you have been there now I am leaving. Thank you for the comforting words that you were willing to share.
This poem was amazing. It described everything in full. It took my breath away and I will be sure to print it out to show all of my friends. Ash did a wonderful job!
I love your sad poem. It's touching. I like the way you use words, it's almost like melodic or lyrical

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