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There is nothing more sad than being lied to by someone you love. But what is even worse is perpetuating that lie by turning a blind eye to it.


How could you think that l wouldn't know,
When we're so close?
The lies - The deception.
How could you think they wouldn't show?

So you want to live in a fantasy world?
Go Ahead - I don't care.
Say the words you said were just for me,
When some other girl is there?

Someone told me, but l didn't believe it.
Just bitchin' - Wasn't true.
Discontentment and jealousy talking,
Of the love l had for you.

So go on with the pretense, Babe.
World's a stage. We're actors too.
Go on believing your illusion,
While l believe in my dream too.
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9 Visitor Comments

i loved the poem but theres this girl i like and she hurt me bad i dont think this will work but i loved it!.
I had no idea! that so many of us go through such pain! AWESOME POEM!
wow i now know other ppl are goin thru the same as me my ex bf was supposing sleepin with his ex and got her pregant. there were so many lies it hurts and its now been 6 weeks and it hurts even more thank u for sharing
this poem really touched my heart so truthfull yet so painfull
this poem was so very truthfull i thought it was honest words
i liked the last stanza of your poem it was good and honest, and right to the point!
I think what you said is true , you know? when you feel that someone that you love so much had lied to you it is soooooooo pain I just wish now i can lie to myself too , but i know i can't
good poem..ive been through the same situation.someone i had adored with all my heart but he didnt care
From a pesonal point,your words hold truth.Words cut deep. Leaving a perament scar

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