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This poem was written for someone that I love very much. We are now apart but my love is as close as ever. This was written to show that no matter where I am or what I am doing, I will always love this person and everything that we shared. It was also written in an attempt to ask if we could start the fire burning again. Unfortunately my offer was declined. Writing this poem gave me strength.


Once again I watch as the sun creeps over the horizon
Slowly, with a menacing fashion.
Overcome with that familiar feeling, I sigh.
It showers me with its antagonizing rays,
Portraying nothing but false pretenses.

Yet another realization...
Another eternity I prevail.
I feel the hands of despair grip tightly
How will I ever break free?
Would you deny me the air in my lungs?
In a humane sense, no.
Yet without you I have no existence
You are the air I breathe,
The blood that circulates throughout me.

Hard and fast I fall,
Back into reality's cold and barren embrace.
It welcomes with me a distanced illusion.
You've taken flight -
Off on a journey
To seek answers to the questions you behold.
Every day I witness as you soar higher and higher.
I smile -
How beautiful it is to watch you transcend.
With my head held high, a tear in my eye,
I know you will be all right.

The tear is hot and with one quick swoop
It falls...
Searing the skin beneath that only guided its way.
I wonder why.

It was meant to be this way, they say;
But they don't know -
A brush of the hand -
A stolen glance -
Overrated? Never -
Merely taken for granted.
Isn't love supposed to hurt?

Two souls connected...
The unspoken words, mutual understanding -
Why does it come and go?
The piercing of the arrow to the heart.
Appreciation is they key - the rest
A mere memory.

And so, this thing we call life, continues on...
An endless, uphill battle -
Just what are we fighting for?
It's a fallacy.

Two lives merged, heart and soul -
Torn apart by sounds and syllables.
Does the mind conceive emotion?
That oh so powerful force, ruling over, always.

Regret -
They say it helps to evolve.
Indeed, I have watched you grow -
Strong and healthy, invincible, even.
Your roots are fearless and uncontainable -
Spreading like wildfire in a desert wasteland,
But they have been detached.

No longer are you there -
My lifeline - vanished
Memories, the secrets held close in the night, come to life,
Sprung on me with undying force.
I want to escape from this grip but I can't...
Immobilized and locked by their each and every entanglement.

I call out to you -
Only to suffocate in disappointment,
The bombardment of that echo.
The hollow, empty sound of a voice,
A voice that remains unanswered...
A heart left to bleed.

Crippled with grief, I crawl -
Into the shadows.
The only sound...
The beating of my heart.
It's deafening! Make it stop -
Please, make it stop!

The sunlight -
Now permanently masked by the impending malice of the cloud
Of your mere memory.
This is not how it should have been.

I see your silhouette soaring through the skies -
You cast a glance downward
Momentarily, our eyes lock.
And then it happens...
This grieving chamber skips a beat.
Could this be real?
Could this be true?
You, this amazing creature...
Uninhibited, beautiful, up in the canvas of blue.
I cry out, with arms stretched wide.
I cannot let you forget -
There's too much in the balance!

As you approach, dizziness overwhelms -
I try to look up but am blinded.
The rays you secrete are that of pure enlightenment.
You are so close,
I can almost reach you.
No matter how I try, I can't get to you.

Sadness and frustration -
Drowning me with a fierce undertow;
Pulling me down beneath the lonely waters.

I'm alone again -
Fighting for the chance to survive;
Fighting for the chance to love again.
Again, this once content being's heart-
Beats alone...

I thrash around -
Trying to avoid the inevitable.
I'm going under...
The mystical hands are beckoning me from within.
Defeat is near.
Exhaustion is bearing the embrace.

All the while I think of you...
I call out the eternal promises we made.
I will not give up; I just can't.

The love bursting from deep within me -
Out every way it can;
The chains fall free.
The road to my heart is a passage that's clear.

The water turns warm -
The clouds part...
I smile.
It's been a long time since I have done that -
Tears of happiness almost drown me in elation.

I look up towards the sky -
You are still at a distance;
But I can feel your soul again.
I direct a wave of love so great up into the air,
Up your way...
Though the wind now picks up...
It is always in your power to grasp it.
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13 Visitor Comments

very nice. it's bittersweet symphony
i loved it it is how i fell most of the time when i think of my x will you give me permission t oturn it into a song
It is the greatest poem and it almost made me cry!
That was an excellent poem. It left me speechless. Pretty much sum's it up to a "T". I know the feeling. Sucks don't it?
This is a great poem and very well written. keep 'em coming.
1 word great
this poem is the best one i have ever read it is so true that is what im going through right now and i cant seem to move on but i try so i can stop feeling this way if they moved on
Wow, I was looking for a poem that I could send to my ex who is about a thousand miles away, but who I can't stop loving and move on. We were high school sweet hearts who were together for 5 years. Now we are apart in order to follow our dreams. This is the perfect poem to say how I feel. Thank you Angela, your not alone!
I am-was you.I felt and lived each word you wrote,for nearly 20 years..3months ago.he and I were united..two souls,who never stopped loving.We had both lived our lives on different paths,with others,yet held the lifeline open for the day our souls would scream each others names-and go racing through time and space to find solace in each other's never say never..Soulmates are never apart too long.I wish for you,what has happened for me. Your poem is a thing of beauty.
Very good.U depicted what I was feeling right now.
This poem was very powerful! This poem is the art of true expression, and I felt every word!
very good, tells of hurts, but yet hopes..all dependent on how the other reacts to your pleas......sounds like me in my situation now..thank you..very good work
I was very moved by this poem, moved to tears.

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