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Sometimes things happen to you that almost rips apart the very thread of you being. I held on to sanity with the help of an angel.

Face of an Angel

To be striped of my virtue
To be striped of my pride
Casts a shadow over my being
That now makes me angry inside

I can't let this happen
I can't turn and run
I can't let the darkness block out the sun

To give in to hatred
To give in to fear
Stands against everything I know
And everything I hold dear

I will hold on to my love
And my passions with grace
And when I lose grip
I will picture your face

The face of an angel
That came to my side
To brighten my heart
And made the darkness subside
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15 Visitor Comments

it was very touching. my school has lost a couple of people in the past four or five years, and it's painful. i understand what you went through. We still see the faces of these beautiful people everywhere. They are our angels just like the person you wrote this about was yours.
i love your poem it's enspirering i cried im emotional it's perfect! this is exactly what im looking for.
it touched my heart and i think everybody in the world shopuld read it. thank you net poems for this certain poem i was look ing for.
I think this poem is great, it expresses how you feel and when i read it i thought about many things that happened to me too, i really liked the fact you thought of an angel and that they helped you as it brought into action my faith in God, i have always belivevd in God and you brought that up to me again. God gave you the gift of poetry and i think you should use it fully. I thought it was great and that if you have any other poems like it you'll do great!
This was a very nice poem and i found it at a time when my best friend Mish needed to hear these words. thank you so very much
Good Job that was an awesome poem
wonderful poem. very good. i loved it
I really like that poem. I tells me any one could be an angle in the world.
Your poem was excellent!
Sheesh. talk about getting goosebumps from a poem. Awesome work!
i have recently lost my two neices to drowing they were a twin only 31/2 years old this poem and site as helped me through a very hard time.
I really like it cuz it reminds me of my anut amy that has past away this past jan. it has made my life a total mess.
very nice
i loved this so much....ive recently lost the love of my lif and this helped a bit....thanx!
i really do love this poem.its really beautiful and passionate.

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