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The Ultimate Dream is a poem based upon my own inner struggles with love. All I can say about this poem is that it is one hundred percent true.

The Ultimate Dream

Virginity is evident in my soul.
The pain from within is often unbearable,
And the need for the love of another human being is obvious,
But what lies beneath it all is amazing,
For I know what it is that I have to give,
And I am astonished at how rare it really is.

Every day I live with it,
Digging away at my shyness,
Digging away at my heart.
Part of me wishes it would stop,
that it would simply cease to exist.
Part of me wishes that the barrier would be shattered,
and that my love would be free to give itself to the person it chooses.
And part of me wishes that someone from the outside
Would break through the barrier
and claim my underlying love.

Twisted and torn,
Day in and day out.
It has chosen many lives that it would like to be a part of,
But no one has ever known of its existence,
Concealed within the depths of my soul.

Change is Inevitable,
So fighting it is useless.
Then again, why am I fighting,
In losing the fight I gain what I need so very much.

I can imagine the bond I could create
With the spirit of another human being,
Oh, how magnificent that would be,
With romance coursing through my veins,
Passion running out of my heart and into hers,
And love circulating between us.
Oh, what a dream that would be.

In time this ultimate dream of mine shall become true,
And my life will become intertwined with another.
But for now I must wait for the love I hold inside
To break free from it's shackles
And roam free to brighten the life of another.
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3 Visitor Comments

I like because I lost a friend
i truly think your poem was outstanding and inspired me. it almost made me cry. you have true talent in writing and should continue bye
this was a great poem, i can totally relate. sometimes you wish it would stop, yet you know it will in time but not soon enough. well written! keep it up.

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