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One of the things this web site has done for me is force me to explore the "why" behind many of my poems. Why, for example, are so very many of my poems about love?


I write of love and loneliness,
Amidst my years of emptiness,
And wonder where the wonder went,
Because these things I know.

I pen lost words of happiness,
Found in the arms of loveliness,
And wish my wish were never sent,
Because she told me no.

I kneel below the loftiness,
Enraptured by my dizziness,
A victim of my swift descent,
Because I fell so low.

My rhymes have all turned venomous,
To twisted words of dreariness,
I hate the hate I never meant,
Because I hated so.

Yet still I write in artlessness,
Of feelings felt in happiness,
Of times past time I ne’er lament
Because I can’t let go.
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4 Visitor Comments

This poem is very touching to my heart and it makes me feel for al of my friends who hearts were broken. thank you
this poem is excellent. well written. one of those u wished you could have made up yourself. Good Job. =] =] =] =]
I loved this one the most from the lot..interesting.well done !
This poem is wonderful.I just cant get over how good it is. I wish i could write as good as you..sometimes i sit down and write poems..but when i read them over they just sound so stupid so i throw them away. You have alot of talent, God Bless.

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