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Far too many times we fall in love with someone who doesn't love us back. And as much as you love & care for them, there is nothing you can do to change the way they feel. There is no greater hurt then the one of rejection. You put your heart and soul on the line only to have it torn apart. It is a hurt that only time can heal.

I was put in this exact situation a little less then 2 years ago and the pain has still not completely vanished. I loved this person more than words could ever explain. He was the world to me, there was nothing I wouldn't have done for him. And even though he's been gone quite a long time, my heart still hurts when I see him. And writing about my hurt is the one way I can truly express my feelings.

I only hope that this poem can try to ease your pain, if something like this has happened to you. And one piece of advice I give to those who are hurting from rejection as I am, never give up hope. Hope is the key to everything. As long as you have faith in yourself, everything will turn out ok in the end. That I can promise you.

One Day You'll See

The first time I saw you,
I knew you were the one.
There was no question in my mind,
after having that much fun.

There's just something about you,
that I've never found before.
And now that we're good friends,
I find myself wanting more.

I never thought it possible,
to care for one so much.
But everyday that passes,
I long to feel your touch.

To look into your eyes,
would make my day complete,
cause every time you look at me,
my heart just skips a beat.

Everything I'd wished for,
every dream I'd hope come true,
I never thought would happen,
until the day that I met you.

I know that your not ready,
for the kind of commitment that I am,
but for you I'd wait forever,
there's nothing I can't stand.

Although it hurts to know,
that you don't feel the same as me,
hopefully one day you'll realize,
one day you'll wake up and see.
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154 Visitor Comments

wowowowow! that's really me! i still love my 1st love but he doesn't have the same feeling with me. hiks. i have boyfriend but i don't know why i still have feeling of love to my 1st love.
Oh, thats just the poem I needed to read. I'm in that boat right now
I just want to say i really love this poem alot. as im in this situation right now! I have sent this poem to the person in question, so hopefully he will understand where im coming from, as poems speak a thousand words. I just want to say thank you to the woman who the poem belongs to.
I think this poem is amazing and it's also really touching aswell, Whoever wrote this has definately got a good heart to think something like this about the one they love
This poem reminded me that there are others out there that are struggling with the exact same things that I am.
OMG, this poem touched me so deeply. I can relate totally relate to it. It's amazing.
great poem
I have been in the same situation! Your words are exactly saying how I was feeling at the time!
this is a great poem. i've been married for over 12 years, & never felt that way about my wife. just recently i met a lady, just a few years younger than me & by god i felt something inside of me that i have'nt felt since i met my first girlfriend. & i love that feeling & love this poem. it's so true.
this poem is awesome! this poem is how i really feel about this guy. we have been talking for a while now and i really do want to be more than just best friends with him. Lovebugg you did great!
the poem was really nice, it speaks to me very much and i can say that i know many people who can really relate to it.
Absolutely awesome, this touched my heart and soul. I hope one day my special friend will see.
This poem was something that fit my life at time. I sent it to someone I fell in love with. I think it's an awesome poem. Thank you.
This poem grab me at the first line and move me to tears before I coulld even finished the poem. I could relate to every single word the author wrote I hope that day comes for both of us I gve this poem highest possible rating
WOW! This poem was amazing. It described how I feel right now. I like this guy so much but it seems as if he doesn't even notice me, like he looks right through me. He just wants a friend but I want so much more. It really sucks but this poem put it into prospective. I love this poem!1
to close to my heart
Love the poem
To the author. Very nice work on capturing the true meaning of loving somebody and them not loving u back. i have been in the situation somewhat. keep writing and its awesome.
WoW This Poem i s very special, I have a freind that I want to share this with but it doesn't feel like the right time. I will keep it saved and hope that one day I can use these beautifull words. It was greatly appreciated that you took time for this poem. Also thank you for sharing it with me.
this inspired me to tell the one i love how i feel
took the words out of my heart. brilliant
OMG!i cried even before i read the poem. i lived that poem. that poem decribed a part of my life that i didnt like. but its true.
Awsome poem. it really touched me
Sad. yet so true for some of us
its rely nice poem. i luv reading it.
This poem is off the chain. Everything that I have ever wanted to say to my "friend" was just said. This has brought tears to my eyes! Seriously. Thank you so much for expressing what I could not put into words
when i was reading this poem i thought about how real it is for me and one of my friends, he is going to the army and i cant find the words to let him know how i feel
Very Inspiring AND Beautiful!. Your man is very very lucky on earth. I wrote sooo many poems for my guy but none of them can beat yours b/c your poem is very SUPERB!. I felt very guilty after reading your poem becoz i felt like reading my guy'z mind, this what he exactly feels abt me but I never been there for him. I'm Insane abt him but never got the chance to profess the immense of love that i have for him. Anywayz. well written . keep up the Good work!(. _. ).
I loved this poem. When i read it, it made me cry.
This poem really touched me because right at this moment im going trough the same thing i never tought that there would be some one out there feeling the same way.
i like this poeam because its coming straight from the heart it helps us to exsplain our feelings better i love poeams im just not good at making up my own when i saw this i like it sraight away and hope others like it to
To the author: This poem is awsome, I am currently in your situation.
I was in this situation where my good guy friend fell in love with me but i didn't feel the same. I haven't seen him or properly talked to him in 2 years since. Your poem really helped me understand what he must have been going through, how he mite be feeling rite now, and my regret for leaving and hurting him =( i miss his friendship so much nowz, i'm planning to reunite with him now
this is the best poem ive read in a while. This poem helped me and my boyfriend get back togeather thank you alot
OMG, i swear that this is the relationship i have with ths guy, its amazing how much similarties describe! I LOVE IT!
I couldn't understand really how it feels to be rejected by someone that doesn't love you back. My ex-byfriend has fallen in love with me but i dont have the same feelings. This poem shows me what he's going through because we just broke up and i told him why and he was in so much pain. I just didn't understand. Were friends now and hes hoping that my feelings for him will be more than friendship but im not sure if they really will. What a great poem.
I loved this poem and it made me think of my boyfriend back home. Keep up the good work =)
this pome is very deep and i can relate in so many ways
this poem is so great that it brought tears to my eyes when i read it u did a great job keep up the great work. tks. for writting this it made my day.
i really think this poem is awesome i know exactly how u feel!
This poem really hit me in the heart i have been in the same friendship for 9 years and i am still trying to get this point across to the man i love
OMG!When I was reading this poem, I thought to myself holy cow this sounds like you and your friend. The thing is me and him are friends with benefits,best friends, he is my strenght,he is my shoulder, he keeps me sane. See I have bipolar and when i'm having my bad days he's the only one to keep me calm. He goes out of his way for me sometimes. I told him i was falling in love and he said I'd say i'd get into a relationship with you but you know how that goes. so i can relate to this poem. GREAT JOB!
A beautiful poem. I'm not really one for poetry, my friend actually asked me to look some up for him. But when I read this it really struck a cord in my heart. Once again. beautiful.
Wonderful I know how she feels!
I really want to thank you so much for thinking of something so sweet. It's like everything I wanted to tell this guy you took the words right out of my mouth and made this nice poem. I can't thank you enough I feel so much better knowning that someone feels and think the same as me. I love the poem.
Just two words: Great Poem! I can relate to it and it tells about the exact thing I am going through right now. It could not be closer to the truth for me. But I am just going to keep the faith. Again, Great Poem
Definetely this poem depicts what a person in this kind of situation feels. When I read it, it almost cry for it is has so much truth and wisdom on it. I just love it
Great poem, i love the first 3 paragraphs.
Your poem is wonderful and it really explains how your fear for rejection feels. I am in a similar postion with my best friend, but I have not told him how I feel due to the fear of him not feeling that type of love I have for him back. One day I hope to tell him because the pain of regret of not telling the person how you feel is much worse.
Your poem left me speechless. I write myself but thank you for putting my thoughts into the beautiful words.
I love this poem, not only cuz I can relate to it. but because its the truth. It hurts when you love someone and they don't feel the same bout you! I'm in this situation right now, and its taking its tole on me but I'm hangin in there waitin patiently for my day to come wit this special someone! Lovebugg, this is a beautiful piece of writing!
I loves this poem, I think its the best poem i have ever read! It desribes my feelings for this guy! We're really good friends and I think we should be more, but he just doesnt see that.
This is a very good poem , but you can not send it to that person for whom it is writen for as the freindship will then be over
i loved your poem. it really touched me. of what your going though. i hope she will realizes how much you love her.
definaty a great poem. i am going through the sam thing ad i often write also but what u wrote is exactly what a person feels when the other person u love i blind. great
Beautiful. Looking through all these poems-they're all good-but yours perfectly describes my feelings for a girl. Beautifully done.
This says EXACTLY how I am feeling. Thanks for putting my thoughts and feelings into words..great job!
This was a perfect for a guy that we can only be friends but I feel more great poem
Hi thanx so much,I really enjoyed reading it. Keep it up!
This is the best poem i have ever read. Keep up the great work! :)
Well I just wanted to say that I really liked your poem. It touched me,since I'm going through the same situation.Keep up with the good work and once again it was real nice!
never really liked a poem though but this one is different, i just LUV this poem coz it just happened to me. hope that she would realize how much i luv her!
This poem was very well written. This is the one and only poem I have found that fits my situation perfectly. For him to only see and realize.
Hi , I jus' wanna say that I love your poem. It expresses my feelings toward the guy i'm in love with. Tho I haven't toward him.maybe someday God will give me the strengh, the ability to look in his eyes and tell him just how powerful my love is for him.
I love your poem. It was absolutely amazing.
I know how it feels!My boyfriend just split with me as hes moving back to Oz:( I'm so in love with him and now he has broken my heart. Keep the writting up as you express you feelings in a wat that can everybody can relate to!
I really enjoyd reading your poem I couldn't have wrote one better myself to describe a love that someone longs for. Keep up the good work.
i loved this poem. it was perfect for me to send to my boyfriend!
great poem, i can really understand what you are feeling, the one thing that upset me was, that you have been doing this for 2 yrs now, i am only on my first yr away from him. I cant stand it
great poem.i think we all know how this feels one time or another.very moving.i give it a 10! a 10! :)
excellent poem right to the point, no games just like it should be.
Lovely poem Written exactly what I felt towards her at this moment A salute from Singapore
This poem explains everything I feel. It tells everything I wish I could say. This poem was GREAT!
This poem makes so much sense, i'm going thru this right about this moment i really need to wake up. this poem is #1 thank you
OMIGOSH!.for the first time i found this really lovely poem just exactly like me. i know ur feelings.n i know it hurts.coz i am still in this situation. yeah i also really hope he will see.good luck to u too.:)
I love your poem!! its the best! I know how you feel... hope u write more like that poem! i sure had alot of pleasure reading it.. its rocks! and u rock! lol really i cried .. and i couldn't stop shaking thinking it was so true.. anyways keep up the good work!! gurl u rock!
To be a friend of the one you love is so frustrating. They smile and see you happily, but inside you slowly die within a grins embrace. Hope for better, hop for more. To do any less means you must examine why you don't seem worthy.
i can relate to this poem so much, thanx 4 the help!
it was very heart touching , it made me wanna cry
How perfect.... I cried and then forwarded it onto my ex!!
you have done a great job with this poem . have been there and i know how it feels . still feel the same way you do take care . you will find it again someday
wah** so sad.. i feel the exact same way..i'd like to send it to the guy i REALLY like, who happens to be my best friend, ..but i'm too afriad of ruining the nice friendship we have now.. and besides, i think he likes my girl friend, and doesn't feel for me the way i feel for him
this poems expresses the feelings I feel for someone right now. It really helps me to understand the impossibilities and the possibilities for a person you would do anything for. I wish I had the gift to write an expressive poem like this, it's a really beautiful poem
This poem was just what i wanted i sent it to the person i love she loved it o i luv her she just need to know i luved her now she does
What a beautiful poem!
I had a really good friend like me just like in this poem, he has liked me for 2 years now. This poem made me realize what I have been doing to him. Thankyou for writing this.
Oh gosh i luv ur poem i mean it was great i wish i could write that kind of poem someday it reall fits my situation now to the man whom i really love i hope someday he would realize how i luv him and care 4 him.
wow!! i never thought words could express my exact feelings. i went through the same thing. hopefully one day he will see and we can be together, but as for now we are just best friends. it's hard but i have to go on and not give up hope!!
This poem was exactly what I was looking for. It seems the author and I have had similar experiences, but she was better able to put it into such perfect words!
This was the perfect poem. It was beautifully written. These words were on my mind but i couldn't get them on paper. Thank You
I thought this poem was very interesting. It had alot to do with wanting someone but they dont feel the same way you do. And you just await for that day when they change their minds.
I loved this fact.... it made me cry because i am going through this exact situation right helps to know that I am not the only one who has ever felt this way before...thank you.
your poem made me so sad. My boyfriend just broke up with me because he wasn't ready for commitment. You did a really good job on that poem. It took my breath away.
Have you ever read a poem and felt like you were reading about yourself. This poem is me. I love it. Very good poem
This poem is so great. as i read it i couldn't anf hep and think about me and one of my best friends. This poem truly captures it all.
I can totally realte to this poem. I really miss my Ex. And even though we are the best of friends I will always love him.
excellent poem. it says so many things that are my own feelings about my best friend whom i will wait until the end of time for to love me back.
All I can say is that I'm crying. This poem fully describes what everything's like for me now. Thank you for one of the best poems I have ever read.
A REALLY GOOD poem! I have read most of the poems on this page, and this is definetely the best one! After being in love with a girl for almost two years, this poem really describes our "friendship-situation". Great Work!!! :)
My God, how beautiful! I could totally see myself in your poem. I have this friend that I care a lot for, well she means the world to me, and I still hope... Thank you for this poem.
soo painful........ yet beautiful.
Boy I can relate to this one!! I hope everything works out for the for me....i have given up on my journey.
This is a wonderful poem.
excellent poem
great poem. i loved it SO much!!!! im doing a poetry project at school, and id be soooo happy if i could use this poem!! ....of course, with ur credit!
I think that this poem cut sick!! I am not much of a poem man but when I read this one I thought of my best friend Brooklyn. 12 out of 10
This poem is absolutely true,and the worst feeling that anyone can feel is the waiting for that special person in your life.
i cannot believe how many people go through the same experiences thanks for your poem it is beautifil and has filled me with hope
this poem really touched is exactly what i feel for a woman in my life that i am bestfriends is a wonderful poem
I really could relate to everything that was said in the poem. It was all very trure and very real
i related to this great poem with something that has been going on with someone i want to be with.
This poem describes what I am going through at this moment. I have never been able to put words togther so beautifully, but if I could this poem would say it all.
that poem was very good i think you would make a good poet someday
God I have felt this way for so long and have never been able to put my feelings into words but after reading this I didn't have to this said it all! This is such a great poem and when I read it I cried!
This poem describes exactly how I feel about a girl. I would do anything and everything to make her realize that I love her more than anything. She is the most precious thing in the world to me.
Man, Thank you.this poem solved all my problems.god bless
It suits my feelings well I told my friend and fell down into sorrow
I like it because this is exactly the way I feel about this one girl.
This is a very good poem. When I was reading it, I realized that this poem described my relationship with this one guy perfectly. And hopefully that day when he'll see that I'm the one he wants, will be sometime very very soon. :)
To love is to lived- to lived is to feel the bitter pain that this poems speaks of.
I love this poem because it's just like me and my bestfriend. First we went out then broke up then went out and broke up again. But I really like or love her but I don't think she feels the same way as I do
I think it is a great poem
This was the perfect poem for me to send to that special someone. wish me luck!
Your poem is so wonderful, I felt as if you were reading my mind when u wrote this helps to know that I'm not alone with my feelings.
I loved your poem,,,it was wonderful..I am going through the same thing right now,,the man I love is moving and I just wish he would wake up and see how much he means to me,,cause,I am afraid I will never see him again,,
Great Poem!!!!!!!!
awsome poem
I have tears running down my face as I read this..I loved your poem,,I am so in love with this man,,and he is leaving and I will never see him again,,my heart is breaking in little pieces,,when will the pain end?
I can really relate to this peom, it brought a tear to my eye because it made me think of my past and how much that person really meant to me. I just hope that one day she will see what she could of had.....
I would just like to say that I am going through that right now and this poem is so wonderful. This poem has really touched my heart and I really love it.
I love this poem. It totally relates to what I am going thru right now. It always helps to know someone else is feeling the same way too.
I have also had close to the same experience. This is an exellent poem.
This poem speaks my feelings exactly. I love my best guy frined more than anything in the world, but he has girlfriend. One day I hope he'll see how much he means to me. You have a lot of talent, thanks!
I really like your poem. It seems like you're talking about me! As of now, I'm experiencing it and I know just how it feels... sigh!
This poem hit home hard. I did not think it was posible to put to words on how i feel but this one did purfectly. It was great.
This poem is great for all romantics.
very good. you know my feeling. i am in love with someone and this is the perfect thing i wanted to say. keep up the good work
Great Poem, because I have had the almost same experience. You are a great writer!
I absolutely loved that poem. It defined the feelings I have for someone right now, so perfectly. It was a beautiful poem. You have a gift, I wish I could write like that.
I thought this poem was wonderful!
this poem is so sweet and the part about- until i met you, that is soo cute! i loved it!
This is a really beautiful poem. It describes my feelings perfectly for this boy i've been in love with for almost 8 years.I know hw doesn't love me now but one day he'll see.
I love your poem! This is the exact feelings I have for this one person that does not open ther eyes and realize that there is hope for someone out ther!
I'm in love with my close friend but he has a girlfriend. Yet I realize that having hope for 6 months hasn't helped at all.time will heal the pain but remembering him will only set it on fire.
That's great. Wishing all for ONE DAY,
no one can understand this poem as much as i can! thank you is all i can say!
I really love this poem becauseit happen to me.
This one definitely hit close to home.Brought many a tear to my eyes.I have feelings for my best friend and i feel powerless and helpless to do anything about them.I'm so afraid i'll lose her forever.Losing her is something i just cannot risk just because i am in love with her.Her friendship means so much more to me than any feelings i have for her.I will love her from now till the end of time,but right now, i just can't say it
from all the poems that i,ve read on here i found that i related to 5 the most and this was one off them keep with your talent!!
Liked it alot.

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