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To climb from the self- imposed shame of divorce, I chose to hide my heart, to allow myself time to heal - I did not realize that it was my heart that needed to be reborn, not hidden.

Then I met her, forbidden by society, yet she called to me, to my heart, asked me to waken myself - to be honest in my heart's desire - she helped me remove the fear, to heal the scars I'd used as a shield for too long.

She helped me to understand, that desire is not a sin.

The Whisperings On Val'eve

For longer than a taste
- or two,
I will linger;
Lips against lips,
softly against soft.

I will linger

In eyes,
- my prison,
visions of sweetness,
of sweat, of lust;
promisings of ecstasy’s sin
to flower upon my decadent hunger.

Dance soft
- circles across my tongue,
around, across,
awakening and arousing whispers auctioned
in the throes of passions;
drink until my appetite is laid bare
for a moment or two.

Command my civility
- my shadow, my touch,
- my every secret;
into words spoken as prayer,
into words cried
in breaths of consummation.

- as my own is wondered well,
countless times stabs and penetrates
the beast beyond the shatterings of humanity descent
into the salvation of the truth of desire.
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14 Visitor Comments

This is a really good poem, I felted every word. I really hope you write more cause I see you only wrote one.
Unusally well written.
I have just met a beautiful man who is out of bounds but passions and desires have bought us together, these words are perfect. Thank you for inspiring me
I like. Love it. Love it alot.
This is so well written, and really moved me.
I like this poem because it touched me in a way not any other poem has. This guy who wrote is really good and needs to keep on doing what he is doing. He has a talent not very many poeple have and he needs to tkae advantage of it. Thanks shay
I love poetry. and this poem is one of the million reasons.
I really enjoyed this paticular piece, it got to me on several levels,thank you to who ever wrote this, it really helped me
What a great way to say what you said . If you don't mind, I think I'll send it to my freind.
hey thats a nice peom keep writtin its realy good
This is very passionate poem and not banal, i would send it to some people!
Great, and original
you had a sensual aching sense of the torture of love in all the beautiful form. Passion without reason. Nothing at all distasteful.Only left me feeling breathless. I also am a poet writing is my passion. And poetry as we all know are not just mere words on paper.

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