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My view on the actual act of love making has different moods, as I am sure do most. Here within these lines is one way ...

The Sounds Of The Night

Passions revealed,
desires sedated,
never once believed,
such pleasures awaited.

Romance claimed lost,
desire now greed,
no estatic long nights,
just fullfilling a need.

But with lingering glances,
on satin smooth skin,
through the night we languish,
in the erotica of skin.

A candle lit dinner,
alone to test our will,
champaine on ice ,
inhibitions to chill.

A fire in the hearth,
our only light,
yet hold back the urges,
as passion fills the night.

Caressing your hair,
a masage designed to please,
your breathing grows soft,
a sensual tease.

Lips finally meet,
so tender and hoping,
tounges intertwine,
searching not groping.

Finger tips trace,
from your neck down your spine,
awakening nerves the pleasure ,

Cloths whisper as they fall to the floor,
bringing pleasure in the skin they show,
no rush no hurry all night,
to take it slow.

A trail of kisses,
the soft backs of knees,
bodys aching yearning,
eager to please.

By the light of the fire,
two bodys join in an ancient rite,
as soft moans of pleasure,
become the sounds of the night.
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23 Visitor Comments

This was absolutely Beautiful! It made me feel so many emotions!
Very beautiful!Ilove it
I loved this poem so much that i gave it to my fiance, and his responce to it was wild. it said everything we both feel. id like to thank the author of this poem for the wild night it prevoked!all the best on further poems, its just a pity we dont know the authors name, i wont be able to look for more of he/she poems. mabey if the author reads more positive comments they may decide to put there name on them. all the best. dianne
I think this is a great poem and it sends me to place only me and my man are together alone. Much props TanSherrae
wow if ever you get divorced. Ill be here patiently waiting !
That's really good, keep up the good work
Poet, this poem was very smooth. I liked the imagery you created. The ending was very good. Yes, nothing like 'the sounds of night.' You go, poet.
This poem was awesome! It captured every aspect of love, lust and sensation.
a beatiful poem and wonderfully written.
Ahh the warmness of passion, ever so sweet.
I've never read anything that has put passion into words so beautifully... I usually scan through poems quickly, but after the first few lines of this poem, I had to start again and read it slowly. I admire whoever has written something so enchanting.
Marvelous. Simply Marvelous.
Simply wonderful!!!!!!
This poem made me think of the one I love. It made me think of one of many passionate nights we spent together when we spent the whole night making love. This is a wonderful poem.
Nice, Very nice, Indeed..
I would like to say this poem really was romantic and it really put a graphic image in my head what he/she was feeling or talking about...please keep up the marvelous job..i hope to find who the writer was..they shouldnt hide
Excellent Poem, I love it!
Emotive.. sensual..systematic but spontaneous
I think that this poem speaks a truth about love that most people don't undertand and i just wanted to say that this poem is very well written, understood, and taking as a true blessing.
Great poem filled with the appertaning love that all shoud have!
this poem is so beautiful!! I loved reading it. the unknown poet writes extremely well. I hope he/she will keep writing!!!

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