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Dancing alone with an old glass filled with memories.
Holding on to hope, full of memories, a longing for my love to fly her way home. A romance in the making, in the now.

Lip Print

You may think of me as silly,
and it's a little thing to most
I keep the glass you drank from
the last time you were here
the last time we had a toast.
I don't clean it not in the least
you see it has this lip print on the rim
that does soothe this beast.
I bring it out on special occasions
that's every night to me,
I gently place ice in the bottom
then pour our favorite wine carefully.
Holding it up to the light to gaze upon
your lip print so sensuous, and full
my eyes brim then water, becoming a pool.
I place my lips next to where yours had been
inhaling the fragrance of your essence
and sipping the wine, so slowly you'd think it a sin.
Lighting a candle and listing to a favorite song,
I rock my body with an unseen partner,
where my white dove had been, now gone.
carefully placing it far to the back not to be misused
I'll bring it out again when I feel my heart to be abused.
Thinking of you softly not believing you have flown
still holding my heart in hand for you to come home.
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26 Visitor Comments

This poem touched me because I lost a dear friend and after he died I went inside his apartment where he died and found a wine glass still stained with purple Merlot wine we used to drink. The other glass was at my place. I took the glass and have yet to wash it. I never will. It reminds me of him and the toast we shared all those times we were together.
I really enjoyed Very UNIQUE
With all my heart thank you all To let you know my White Dove did land and stayed with me, she came home. With my heart in heaven and my eyes wide open. Joel the Wolf "I'm forever an open book"
This poem was very interesting. I felt a real true connection with it. It shows so much of how someone cares and wonders and waits. i loved it. and i would love to see more of you work. if possible.
This poem was touching to say the least. Very heartfelt and strong, the author created a deep sadness but at the same time a hope that his lover would return. This poem is painful because of his loss, but so beautiful because of his memory that he holds of her.
the ape
good poem i read it when my wife sent it too me good refrences and proper wordings explaining our love for each other
i think it is a strong and wonerful touching poem
Oh My! This poem has touched me like none other. You wrote your thoughts so beautifully, I actually felt what you wrote. It brought a tear to my eyes. You have a gift. Keep writing.
Oh my gosh, this is the most tragic,yet beautiful poem I know of. It's strange how a material thing can bring so many memories to you. keep writing and she might come home some day
Incredible,the poet really made you feel how much this lady meant to him and how he treasured their time together,left me goosebumped! and tingly! brilliant.
Great poem mate! I have a love that is away from me at the moment not by my choice and I find that it's her kiss that lingers and in my memory I trace the movements of her lips when she speaks. Your poem moved me!
This poem brings back so many memories. Many of us often hold on so tight to the memories in fear to forget. Just today I had to return a ring that meant so much to me to my ex bf. I used to lie in bed and stare at it imaging his hands in mine. You have magically touched my heart. thank you.
wow. thats. just wow. i love how u wrote that. It shows that u truly aren't afraid to show ur true feelings. I love everything about this poem, its beautiful in a very distinct way. keep up the writing =)
i just love your poem it remeinds me so much of me
this poem really touch my heart now tat the person tat i love i haven't seen for about a month i love ur poem hope you keep doing more like this one is really nice u almost made me cry :)
all of my live that i have been reading poerty , noting have tough my heart and soul live this one,this poet was writting just for person live me
Marvellous! This was the best poem I ve read in this place have you any more? Maybe a site at your own, or a poetry book in the stores? Thanks for the greatness!
This was an inspiring and heart warming poem. Sounds like "A candle once aflaim now has met the end of its wick."
This was simply touching as I read it tears started welling up inside of me.
Having had to leave the woman I love in a way I have never loved before, this poem touched the very heart of the way I am feeling.
Just when I thought I had no more tears for my wife who left, this poem touched me deeply and renewed the tears.
This poem is great. I lost my fiance of five years a couple of months ago in a car accident. This poem explains some things I do myself. Thanks for bringing my memories to life.
Your poem touched me in away that I haven't been touches in awhile. As I read it I was taken away. And tears filled my eyes.
I think this poem was beautifully and sincerely written.
Wonderfully done and inspireing...
this touched me. i felt the anguish of not having the one you love there with you... i used to slide on my hsbands shirts because they still smelled like him. now i have neither my husband or his shirts, but i carry the memory in my heart.

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