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Our love has lasted through the years and has matured and grown just as we have. Through it all one thing is constant - love was made to last, and true love will never die.

The Proposal

A soft breeze gently rustles
the golden leaves that have fallen
scattered about,
below the twisted grey branches
of the tree
from which we used to swing.

Our names, carved by the hand
of this tenderhearted young boy,
still echo love,
of youth and of each other.

I now take your hand in mine,
and beneath the shadow of this tree,
a testament and reminder of our love,
I ask that we never allow it to fade
into the grayness of those limbs
or to dry and crumble like the leaves
that have fallen to the ground.

But that we allow it to grow
ever upward, and to be strong,
as the trunk of the great tree itself
that bears the evidence of this great love,
which beneath its arms began.
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23 Visitor Comments

I think that this poem was a very good poem. I loved it a lot. I think that this poem was very beautiful. It really touched my heart.
this poem is really touching
i thought that this poem was well written and sincere.
omg this poem is beautiful. i could picture everything that you were trying to describe, and while i was doing that, i could also compare your poem to my life, and, ironically, some of my poems as well. you are very talented and i am grateful you posted your poem on this website. i will cherish it always. thank you, Erin
i love this poem i can feel it
i have enjoyed reading your poem it was very uplifting .
The poem is so beautiful. I have decided to get married myself, but I haven't decided who.
i like this poem i want to get marred!
This poem is so awesome and so touching ! Good Job !
love it
I understand,I can feel it inside.
wowZers!this is like the best poem eva! i could just picture an image while reading it! wow u have a lot of talent!
The perposal pome is really great and it touchs my heart because it sounds just like me and my soon to be husbands perposal.
eeeh! i think i'am in love with the poem. it has really moved me. ilove it till the end of time
I really did like this one
i really like this poem it was well thought out you have great talent..
A truly heart melting and sweet poem about the eternal love everyone should be lucky enough to find.
I think that this is how people feel before they get married, and the feeling that they have right before they ask the big question.
i think this poem is nice poem and i really like how you said about the tree.
Beautiful! Gives the impression of child like innocense with the wisdom of an adult.
This poem really moved me, and put a lot of my thoughts in words
great great wow beautiful theres noting to say i think now im inlove because of this poem!

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