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You are searching for something and suddenly it is there in front of you. Many years were spent looking for My Perfect - and out of the blue, I found I already had it.

My Perfect

I've trawled the oceans,
the rivers and the seas
seeking something that's so special
the likes I've never seen.

I've searched the beaches
far and wide
the coves and pools so deep
But never have I found
the item of my quest.

I've even tried the shops
the factories and jewelers too
To no avail
this thing cannot be found.

I've been around the world
asking on my way
but nobody can tell me,
where it lies
or whether it is under, or
just laying on the ground.

My search has been in vain,
to find this perfect piece
no matter how I try
the answer's just the same.

"No we've never seen it,
look some other place".

Now after all these years
of disappointment and distress
I've given up the chase.
Because, now I've found what
I was looking for.

My perfect pearl is you.
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5 Visitor Comments

very meaningful
i just want to say that this is such a fab poem. i've just been to thailand. i saw this lad and when i went home i realise that he was the one. so next year im going over there to see him as a surspise.
nice collection of words, organized in excellent manner. i felt the reality of a relation for which i was looking for
Love this poem. Shows the depth that one goes through to find their "Perfect"

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