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Many years ago, my first marriage broke up due to adultery, and only those who have been through it will know the absolute confusion and utter pain it causes. I wrote a lot of poetry at that time. This is one of them.

This was one where I thought I could put the pieces back together again. Sadly, it was only temporary, but I still remember hoping it would work.

Trust Again

Why doubt now? . . . when in the past your trust has been your strength.

Why doubt now? . . . if you believe love will prevail at length.

Why doubt now? . . . new promises, new hopes will be in vain,
When doubting still, you cannot see the love that's there, so plain.

Face the future smiling, weepers never win,
Make up your mind to trust anew, forget about past sin.
Forget the hurt,
Forget the pain,
Remember love, and love again!
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6 Visitor Comments

hi. this poem reminds me of my current situation. Can it be done? To trust again? It gives me hope.
So many of us have been where you have been, however how brave of you to share it w/the rest of the world and bless them w/your poetry.
Hi!1 That was so beautiful! I really needed to see that and although I don't know if my situation will work out, I can still look forward.
dear violet, thanks so much for this poem it is touching to the heart,when i was little and new you in rock castle i will always take to heart how nice you were,thanks again. Faye
This really hit home for me. I don't know if I can trust again.
Reading this poem brought back the past i do not tell you this in sadness but in joy. I did trust agian however it did take some time, by trusting agian i have found my soul mate with out even looking, your poem has touched my heart thank you so much

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