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This poem is a description of the "writers block" that every writer, who happens to be in love, experiences when he feels like writing about something else.

I have resolved that whatever emotion I am feeling will produce my best writing.

My Favorite Limitation

I love to write.
But I fear -
yes it is a fear -
that my writing is in danger.
The danger of exclusivity.

I don't mean to write only of love;
I long to express
my feelings of joy when I make a 3- point shot,
my feelings of sadness when my grandmother died,
or even the sheer hilarity of Wayne's World.

I don't mean to limit myself
to the topic of infatuation.
I'd love to write in regard
to the time my hard drive crashed,
or about my favorite kind of cheese.

But she makes it too easy.
I could write about her forever:
her hair,
her humor,
her constant understanding,
her laughter,
her smile,
her uncanny ability to call at just the right time.

Just when I think I've found another topic,
her beauty,
and her personality
creep onto the paper.
And, if you can't tell,
it seems I've done it again.
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2 Visitor Comments

I love this poem, it shows everything from your heart, emotions, and brain. I've done something like this, where i started out writting about my favorite type of thrill ride and ended up with my longing and yearning to be held by someone again, needless to say, my teacher thought I was a manic depressive. ANYWAY. I have one word. Fantabulous! (my word)
While this poem is not structured with traditional measure and pomp, its pure honesty reflects emotions every man should know, and every woman should want. There's nothing quite as impressive as a poem that makes you envy the author; not for his lexis, but for his life.

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