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This poem was written with my love in mind, and our sharing ourselves with one another in a special place created just for the two of us. Or perhaps by the two of us. You decide.

Our Wondrous Place

Thinking of a wondrous place,
A simple scene, where we embrace,
Aligned with flowers, a tree or two,
A brook, a breeze, and me and you.

We take a picnic basket there,
A private place, none else knows where.
It is a place our love resides,
Our tenderness. our hearts, our sighs.

We hear the birds, their lovely songs,
And in their flight, for this we long,
To fly beyond the rainbow's end,
And find what lies beyond the bend.

But, rainbow's end does linger here,
It's in our hearts, we know, 'tis clear.
Our spirits speak of this we know.
And life and time will make it grow.

A wondrous place, the smells so sweet.
A place where love and laughter meet.
A special blend of twinkling eyes,
Of exploration of simple sighs.

I touch your cheek and whisper of
How wondrous this, we share our love,
That gives us wings to fly anew,
And join together me and you.

Our hearts together beat as one.
Once more together, love undone,
The tenderness, the satisfying
Way we share our love undying.

It takes us to this wondrous place,
Where just our presence, adds it's grace.
And makes it what t'was meant to be . . .
A place for you, a place for me.
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This is 1 of the most poems that realy tuched me! wat a good poem!

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