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This poem was written during a rough time with my boyfriend. It was a time when he felt like he had too much depending on him. He felt like if he made a mistake that our relationship would come tumbling down.

So, I told him, "Don't worry, just be."

Just Be

Just be my sweetheart
Just stay here with me
Just wait on more second
Let's just be 'we'

Just be my own
Just be my love
Just be together

Just be my darling
Just stay by my side
Just wait one more moment
Just let me confide

Just be my own
Just be my love
Just be together

Just be my confidant
Just stay my friend
Just wait a day
Just hold my hand

Just be my own
Just be my love
Just be together

Just be dependable
Just stay all you
Just wait 'til we're older
Just start anew

Let me be your own
Let me be your love
Let me be together
With you
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9 Visitor Comments

Danni Girl
Hey Jen i loved the Poem you wrote it remind's me of my boyfriend. GREAT POEM. Keep the good work up okay and keep writing poems k PcE
Karley & Brent
that was touching. I am so glad we are in love and can enjoy it together
Wow! It very incredible! It show a lot of feelings. I felt the same way. I write poems too. It just amazing to read that and have that feeling hop up and down to say "wow" Keep writing!
I loved this poem! It helped me express to Andrew the way I feel about him! Thanks alot!
I love this poem its remind me about me and my guy friend that i am tryin to get with in that one part of this poem
very very nice.
I couldn't stop crying when I read this Loving Poem . I realy think its nice and yet so very sweet. It took my breath away.
I really enjoyed this poem. It said what I couldn't. Thank you!
wonderful in a familiar way.

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