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This work is about new love - when the passion is just beginning, and the levels of intensity are almost overbearing. If you have ever felt a powerful force such as this before, you can probably relate to my words.

Addicted To You

I wake, work, eat, sleep, and dream you.
This emotional journey before us -
almost too much to bear sometimes.
Yet, every time I hear the ringing of the phone,
or see your name pop up online,
I know that I am addicted to you.
But it is far more than that,
and please listen very closely.
I am a very reasonable and sane person,
not given to idle whims or fancies,
not taken in any more by false hopes and promises.
Yet, somehow, you are different - very different.
I don't know what happened, or how or why,
but I feel as though I fell out of a cloud,
tumbling down to earth to a sure death -
and at the last possible second,
you caught me in your arms.
Yes, I am addicted to you,
but I know the consequences of addictions,
and, fear not, I will not harm you
or cause you pain in any way.
Of that, I give you my humble word.
I want to breathe you, to feel you,
to taste you, and to hear your soft whispers
against the sensitive nape of my neck -
telling me that you're addicted, too.
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19 Visitor Comments

Sad thing is this poem discribes my relationship perfetly well my bf soon to be fiancee said I was addicted to him and I am what can I say I need his love like I need crack but without all those nasty effects hhaha
OMG. this poem is exactly perfect for my situation. I have met someone on line and we have never met, but this is the way we have both described our feelings. Wonderful Job.
Susan, your poem is spot-on and hits me square in the heart. My lover, your namesake, is moving to another city (Las Begas) to get away from some bad history. I am that man in your poem now. It breaks my heart - and you captured it from another angle. Thank you.
this poem brought tears to my eyes!it sounds like me. i met someone that is off limits,and i can't stop thinking about him. it wasn't suppose to happen but it did. all i have is a promise. susan saw right through my heart,love your poem.
I love the poem it reminds me of what me and this guy I like have I loved it hope to hear more from u!
It's a nice poem and it sound so real abhout things that are true:)
oh god heartache sucks. i love you BAM
Susan, you literally took the words out of my mouth. This were exactly what i want to express since the day i met this special person. You were just great!
I am still loving this poem after two years. It is the best poem I have read and have not found another one to beat it.
WOW. that was awesome. I know exactly what you're saying.
U have bought out the love feeling of being in love, a very good poem
Really captures perfectly the intensity and yearning and hoplessness of an online relationship.
this poem is great! this poem is explains exactly how i feel for my boyfriend. keep up the good work!
The poem and the name and caught my heart and my soul that lead me to this website. I LOVE IT!
perfect perfect perfect, exactly what i was looking for!
Great i am left speechless. Keep it coming please!
I enjoyed your poem Susan. I was looking for a poem which symbolized my own situation.....unrequited love for a man who doesn't even know me but whom I have written dozens of stories about and with each one my love grew stronger. He has become the epitomy of MAN.
just really hits home for me right now.I appreciate it being put into words.Thank you.

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