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I always dreamed about true love and thought I would never find it. I had all but given up when it happened. It was love at first kiss. There she was right there in front of me the whole time.

This is a poem about my love for my Angel and what she means to me. Someone whom I thought did not exist. My real life true love! My soul mate! My everything, my all!

My Angel

I am blessed with the love of a angel,
who's smile is brighter than the sun,
with eyes that sparkle more than any star,
whose kiss is sweeter than the finest of wines
and love more powerful than any drug,
no dream could ever compare to my angel's presents,
nor replace the tenderness of her precious kiss,
for me my angel is a dream come true,
and my love for her will last until the end of time,
I will always worship the times we have
and hold dear to my heart the linger of her last touch;
until we meet again,
each night I will look at the moon and say
I love you to my angel, and be thankful for my dream come true!
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30 Visitor Comments

i wish i was the angel that was described by the poet. it is so sweet. for the lucky girl who'll recieved this kind of poem. besides there are only few guys who can write this kind of poems.
its so hard to find the perfect angel, but when you fall in love you've always sees your man as your angel. And He is My ANGEL. my strength. Keep it up Thomas!
Oh my god this poem is very beautiful i really like it!
this made me realise what i feel for my girlfriend.
that was the best thing i have ever read you are one special person to be able to make a girl cry
I simply love this poem! Wish everyone lucky enough to find the angle in their lives;-)
I really was Inspaired by this poem I really think It describes how A person feels about a Couple and how they loo at eachother So I really loved it.
i like your poem it says everything that i would like to say to a love one
I loved it
The poem was really good I sent this poem to my Fiance. Thank you for coming up with such a great poem.
this poem touched me and is very sweet
I love this poem
This poem was read to me by my boyfriend before he proposed, he said that it's a beautiful poem and deserves to be published, and he is right!
vere , very nice poem!
i couldn't thank you enough, i couldn't find a poem that express my feeling for my girlfrind, "TRANG" THANK YOU
I wish I could write like this. It expresses how I feel about the girl I cherish more than anything in the world, Angelina, "the littlest Angel".
this is a really great poem i love it . it going to get sent to my girlfriend . thanks thomas.
This poem really touched my heart. I feel so strongly for my own angel, but she lives too far away for me to see her more than 3 times a year. This poem lessens the pain. Thank you.
This poem is so cool.
I think that this is simply wonderful. For any person to ever have a loved one last then this would explain everything!
i liked this poem because when i was reading it to my girl friend she told my that she love's me and thank you for readind this to me it that all true sweet heart thank you
that's exactly how i feel about my boyfriend. he's my bestfriend, my romeo and my angel. it's a beautiful poem.
maannnn! this poem is great! and i love it!
This poem has been the best since shakespeare!
The words straight from my heart are now known to my angel. Couldn't of expressed my feelings like you have done. Thank you so much.
this poem was or is exactly how i feel about my boyfriend, i went through so much about a year ago and now thanx to MY ANGEL i look at things diffrently and i treasure him and out time together so greatly. So the Author did a great job and should keep writting.
you´re a genius....or really inspired. My compliments to the lovely poem.
Dear thomas, I sent ur poem to my girl and it sure made her day ,thanx a ton for the beautiful stuff !!!!!!!
I thought this poem was great. It expresses exactly how I feel about my girlfriend. Thanks for writing such a beautiful poem. I just wish I could express myself near as well as you obviously can.

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