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This poem is about the man that I created in my dreams to come to me on those nights when life is just to much to deal with. He is a real person in my life and though I have only known him for a brief amount of time I feel that I have known him all my life. He is my husband's best friend and though I love my husband dearly there are times when I wonder what life would have been like without him.

You may find that crazy or unusual, but there is nothing immoral in the thought of it. I think, at some point in everyone's life, you wonder "What if?"

To The Hero Of My Dreams

You come to me in my time of need.
Comfort me and let me weep,
for a love that is lost.

It is with you, that I escape
the realities of my world.
To a place where . . .
thoughts are deep,
life has meaning,
and love is eternal.

I wake in a foggy daze and sometimes
I laugh at my foolishness.
Most times I cry wondering . . .
Why couldn't we have met at
another time or place?

Where dreams of a love that is pure
and true could have been

So my hero . . .
I close my eyes to sleep,
hoping to dream, so that
I can be with you
once again . . .

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6 Visitor Comments

i thought this was a for sweet poem and it almost made me cry when i read it
Your poem is so touching. It reminds me of my cousin and our forbidden love. I had felt the same feelings u have. Constantly asking and wishing we were born at a different place and time. His name is Bayani. It is tagalog for hero. He is the hero of my dreams. Thank you for writing such beautiful poem. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to it. It has also summarize what i've been feeling for cousin from then till now. It's almost 2 yrs now, but everytime i sleep at night, it is he, my hero, who enters my dream. Take care. I just pray that God will be kind to us in the next life and allow is to be with the hero in our dreams.
Tara what a great poem U had share with us, it touch me. I do wish my girl and i can escape into a differ world and her parents couldn't find us and stop our undying love THANK YOU!
that poem relates to me in a sence i can't explain
I too related to every single word of this poem. It reminded me of my first love Tony who was tragically killed in an accident. When he died,I was inconsolable and the only time I was peacefull was when I was asleep and I could dream of all the times we had together. Its been four years since he died and even though I have a lovely boyfriend now and am at university training to be a teacher,I know in my heart that everything I do in life is for him, to make him proud. He was the hero in my life, and will forever be the hero of my dreams.
I related to every word in this poem. I feel the same way and am about to be in the same situation. I am engaged and love my fiancee with all my heart but wonder what it would be like to not marry him and be with the person I just met."the hero of my dreams"

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