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I was sitting late one night trying to sort out the feelings that I had stared having about a fairly new relationship that I'm in, trying to figure out where the whole thing stands. As I am now staring to experience feelings deep inside my heart - is he also?

The relationship seems so new, but I know what I am feeling inside is love for him. Wanting to be with him and wanting to know how he feels and where this will go.

I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew
I wish I could see
If I mean to you
What you mean to me
My feelings I keep locked so deep inside
In fear if I tell them you'll run far and hide
I want to feel you and hold you so close
To let you know it's you I need most
I want to know how you feel
And yet I can't see
If I mean to you
What you mean to me
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29 Visitor Comments

this poem is lovely, reminds me a lot of myself and how much I long to sit someone down and tell them exactly how I feel. Hope you're happy. x
tis is the best! i really say thi 2 my self eveyday! chewy my ex-boyfriend said this poem 2 me before but in a diffrent way. i relly love this poem!
i really liked your poem, i am wondering the same at the moment, there is even a guy i like, and he gives me all these signs, but i wish i could know, if he likes me as well. i rly liked ur poem! its amazing!
hey i really like your poem it fits just what im going through i relly wish you made more of those
Very good and to the point. Honest.
this is one of the best poems i read. I't touched my heart because I'm in a new relationship and this poem hit the spot.
I really liked this poem because it descibes what is between me and *Austin* You did a great job to express your feelings, not to mention the poetic form! god bless you
your poem is great I love it is decribes how many people feel
Nice. Im goin through somethin like that. This boy Kyle has been my best friend for 4 years, and i love him. But he's goin to high school, and schools almost out. idk if i should tell him or not.
thankyou for putting into words the feelings i couldn't
hey . w0w that was s0 nice . im g0ing thru the same thing wit my ex best friend h0w i want him to feel the same way im feeling but i cant let him kn0 anymore. because hes far away fr0m me
its short but sweet. it touched my heart deep deep insude.
im married and for 20 years too,but met someone also married. just met and we clicked,never felt like this before and know its wrong,but this poem touched something,hit the spot
this poem is awesome! it explained exactly how i feel about someone. keep up the good work!
nice poem, I can relate.
this iz a good poem i fell it peace out keep writing
I really liked this poem see I am having guy trouble and this poem explianed how i feel.
wow. this is how i feel. to the letter.
I like it. straight to the point.
what a nice poem! it really touches me
a true and touching poem. short yet sweet. i love it!
Wow, this poem really struck home with me. Right now I'm an exchange student from the US living in holland, there's this girl tht I've fallen in love with and the line "My feelings I keep locked so deep inside In fear if I tell them you'll run far and hide" really describes a huge tug-of-war in my head right now..thanx
Your powerful yet simple words so describe my life as it is currently, wondering how this new relationship will turn. Thank you
wonderful, i really enjoyed your poem
this describe my marriage. although we have been together for quiet some time, things get routine and deep inside I can't help but to wonder if he still feels for me the way he did whem we first met. Oh, how I miss the way we were.
ur poem is really good juss a perfect one to let someone know if ya know what i mean
I found this poem terribly heart-rending as it expressed exactly the way I feel about my loved one, it's funny how we can never say the words that matter just because we are farid of getting hurt. I love him but I am farid to say "I love you" I know he loves me and yet he never says so, at the end of the day, both of us show our love in different ways but I still linger for the words and I still am insecure about my feelings because of that. It's such a waste of time and yet it would be such a risk to say the words aloud, I just wish I knew what to do.
so powerful, so true to heart, you are a poetic genius with true insight.

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