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Circumstance has forced my fiancee and I to be separated by a two hour drive. This poem depicts my ride home after spending the weekend with her. It is sad, but it is love.

Sunday Night

The drive is long and dark
We don't speak
We rarely do
My heart dwells on nothing but the past
The future is too far away
It stares out the window
It watches the cars go by
The other souls talk and laugh
Perhaps they are going to a place they both call
Such a place is what my heart longs for
A kiss on her cheek to let her know that we are
This is heaven I think

My heart turns from the window
My body beside it, empty
This shell that walks and talks like everything
is well
My mind thinks of all that needs to be done
My body awaits its command

My heart sits alone

A word of encouragement offered by my mind
My heart replies

My mind turns back to the road
My heart turns back to the window
We both ride in silence
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8 Visitor Comments

I like this poem because it reminds me so much of what I am going through with the love of my life. I am in college an hour away and only get to see him once a week for a few hours and I feel so alone when he is not with me. When either of us have to leave it kills us both. We both long to be married so we can be together everyday in a place we will call home but it seems so far away.
Wow! I didn't think I'd find that when I googled your name. Great job, Zach!
I love this poem!i can relate to how this person felt.
10 months ago I moved to a new town 2 hours away to go to college. At the time, I was single. But after a few months I realized that I left the most important person behind. the man that I was in love with. We started our relationship and have been together 6 months today, actually. Every weekend I drive up there to be with him. Your poem really conveyed how I feel. *Tear*
My boyfriend of two years goes to school three hours away from me so I can totally relate to this poem and the drive back to my school after spending a weekend with him. Thanks for expressing all of the emotions that I wouldn't allow myself to.
My fiance and I are seperated by 3000 miles due to unfortunate circumstances. I live in Arizona and he lives in Mass. Your poem I can truely relate too.
what a beautiful expression of love.. and the fact that you are now together only makes it more special.. thank you
I am Zach's wife now and so of course I vote for his work. We are together now and so very much in love. Our hearts are no longer alone on Sunday nights.

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