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This is what I feel. This is my heart, open before you. This is what love is. Love feels, love lives. True love sees, it is not blind. It accepts. It makes sacrifices. This is me - right now.

Loving You

Loving you
It's like feeling soft soft rain
Fall on my face

Loving you
It's the comfort of my

Loving you
Makes me laugh and smile at the same time
It makes my heart warm, it gives me life

Loving you
It's all very new to me
It's very good

Loving you
To feel your hand in mine
To feel your breath slide along the side of my cheek
To feel your heart pounding beneath my ear
As I rest my head upon your chest

Loving you
So many words to describe it
Yet so few

Loving you
I want to take care of you
As you take care of me
I want to hear your troubles and your joys
I want to encourage you
As you choose to follow life

Loving you
It is an honor to be trusted so
With your deepest, darkest worries
With your most heart felt

Loving you
Sharing little moments with you
Looking into one another's hearts
Reading each other's souls
Loving me

Loving you
There is nothing else I want
But to be held by you

Loving you
It is such a rarity to find
It is such a blessing to do
It is such an inspiration
It is such a dream come true

Loving you
It is not sheer perfection
Despite what you may want to hear
It is Love
It is right
No matter what you may do
Or how upset we may get
Our love will win
It will bring us back

Loving you
Needing you
Wanting you
You, you

Loving you
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30 Visitor Comments

It is simply lovely and true.
not only tis poem but all the poem here are so so so lovely & touching keep up yor good job really fantactic
Me and my husband loved this poem very nice.
I love this poem as well. I guess you could say that I really hope my girl feels that way about me. Either way, its an wasome poem, please kep writing like this. Perhaps I will post my poems soon.
dexter glenn
Im glad I read this poem,for it makes me feel more inlove with my mate,for it made me realize the words that i can't express by my self. thanks a lot.
I've been searching for the right poem to let my boyfriend how I feel, and thanks to you, I find the rigth one. Thank you for writting this lovely poems and sharing it with me.
this poem is so touching! it really shows how someone can feel about another.
I thought your poem was very beatiful.
i just really enjoyed the poem..i love poems one of these days im going to publish my own...i love your poem
this is exactly what i feel for my girlfreind
it was a very nice poem.My girlfriend liked it alot. Its # 1 for me!!!!!.
It is such a beautiful poem,that truly reflects the effect of loving someone in ones life wholeheartedly.
I loved this poem! It describes so well how I feel about someone I love very much
Yet another excellent poem from your web site - some of the ones of love are so meaningful especially for those who live so many many miles apart in different countries. I think the webmaster deserves a vote of thanks also :-))
Your sweet words made me cry Lucie you express love to perfection.If I may I would love to send this poem to the person I love and care for so much. I am sure she would cry also. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful poems
Excellent! The poem really said what I was feeling in my heart, but couldn't find the words to express.
i think that this is a beautiful poem,please keep up the good work
I really enjoyed this poem! It was very deep. I really liked it. thanks for sharing it with me!
I think you're poem is really good on how describing what it is to love someone. By reading this poem it made happy because that is exactly what I feel for my beloved one. It might be long but it is worth reading it.
i to write poems, please help me to get mine on line. your poems are so lovely! you can feel that your heart is in it. don't stop writing.
This is a very good poem. Every thing I was feeling about my boyfriend is said in this poem.
Just what I was looking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
so beautiful and everything that people in love want to say to the love in their life!
I really liked this poem and it moved me even though I've never experienced some of those emotions, but I really felt her.
wonderful warm poem
Loved it!
This poem is so beautiful. It said everything that i wanted to say to my man and more. Very very real.
great poem to describe love

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