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Thoughts about the uncertainty of entering into love. Will it work? Will we be One?

A Prayer To My Love

I cannot say where we will land
On rocky shores or sifted sand
Our hearts enclenched as we sail on
The prayers of two such lovers are long.

Severed souls from our bodies at rest
Sailing through ether to avoid the test
Of whom they will love, of if they will be,
If not each to other, then I dread it to see.

Our voyage is ending, we feel it within
Gentle vapors of wind on the folds of our skin
The bodies unite with the souls that were free
To wake with one another, our hearts beg to be.

I cannot promise that our love, it will last
Our lives, they are tainted with scenes of the past.
What I do know, my love, is our hearts, they will try
To encase all our love so that it will not die.

Time measures us all, our lives and our hopes
The distance between us, the pain we will cope
To summon the wisdom to make our love grow
To lie here beside you and wish you to know.

I love you so dearly, this time has moved fast
To take you, my lover, to my heart is long past
To wish you to be here, to love me in kind
I kneel to your beauty, and pray you be mine.

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9 Visitor Comments

That poem was so touching I really truly liked it. Alot of the poems I write are similiar to what you write about.
trust me this poem is a hit i believe by the time my freind gets it my life will be transformed. tis a poem bout what is happening in my life.
this poem has truly the same feelings that i have for someone that i care in a distance away....thanks.
this is a very touching piece i am sure it is one of many
Dave has captured the essence of a relationship at a crossroad.. will it work, continue, fade.. I really loved it
I loved this poem and really felt it's meaning.
This is one of the best poems that I have ever read.
The best poem about a timeless love, Congrats.!

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