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I have recently had the painful experience of losing love. I got frustrated and gave up on our relationship. What I didn't know then is that love is about facing life's challenges together as well as sharing its joys. The woman I fell in love with is the most incredible person I've ever met, and leaving her was the biggest mistake of my life. I am writing this because I think it describes my true feelings in a way that a mere conversation never could. I love you, Kris.

Night And Day

I thought our love would last a while
I miss your eyes and tender smile
I miss your gentle touch and sway
As much as I miss night and day

Emotions deep and painful past
And through it all I thought we'd last
Yet here I am in trembling fright
Oblivion, no day, no night

I miss those days with skies of blue
I miss those nights alone with you
You'd calm my fears and mend my heart
When day and night you would start

So many times you'd let me know
That I was safe when night's winds blow
With morning's brightness in your eyes
You start the day with clear blue skies

At night you'd dim the lights down low
And set loves passionate fire aglow
When morning's sunlight filled the room
Your waking kiss, my heart would swoon

And so it was you'd start the day
Until the nighttime came to play
If my Kristina went away
Oh, who will start the night and day?

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5 Visitor Comments

omg i love this one b/c it made me think of my ex b/f
Though a very one,but has it all. A loss has no words, guess this is what goes closest.
that poem is so sweet i mean i have someone like that in my life and i lve him so much you have a great talent and a good girl in your life you cant find too many of them so try to hold on to her and see what the future holds for you and her love natayla azane
that is a really beautiful poem.
Excellent poem. It really brings out the true feelings he felt towards the one he loved.

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