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There are many desires of the world, many of just one person, a lot of them are wanting to be loved or wanting someone. This one's about desiring a certain someone who's very far away.

I Desire You

I feel you,
oh how I feel you,
so close
though you're so far away
your touch
your mind
your body...
your soul
next to me,
beside me...
with me
Your touching me,
mesmerizing me with your eyes
filling me with your touch
melting me with your sensuous kiss
I taste your kiss,
all day long,
though I have yet to actually taste it
I imagine,
about you
and my desire,
my fantasies...
my needs
There's so much I desire -
to be with you
in every way possible...
next to you,
beside you,
with you...
touching you
I desire you...
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14 Visitor Comments

This fits my circumstances so perfectly right now. But what I really love is that the sense of it is so real with only the one line giving away that "we" haven't actually met yet. This must be what millions of us have felt and is finally realised in prose - thank you.
I have a love that is far away right now, and wow you captured my feelings just perfectly.
I loved this poem,I find it sensual,tender,and expresses my feeling for someone whom I hope will be more than a friend. A beautiful poem.
Super! Really touching!
Absolutely wonderful; this poem relates greatly to the situation that I am currently in and it express the words I couldn’t put together. Just marvelous I say.
i love this poem it went through me you wont beleive how much this poem and me go together i know how to appriecate fine work
This is great poem. Keep up the good work Heather.
a truly, inspiring poem.
that was areally good poem?
I have someone very special to me, we talk everynight but yet to meet. This poem says everything i feel & want but I know it may not happen the miles between us are to great. This poem speaks of my desire. I absolutly love this poem
I absolutly love this poem. I am going through the same stuation right now. I am with one person and still in love with my ex. I fall to poeces everytime I see him in the hallways, and this poem tells EXACTLY how I feel and think about him!
i thought it was quite beautiful and touching!
I ealy liked your poem.
This poem really hits home. It expresses what I feel in every way about this special person I desire.

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