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This poem is about a love I thought I had forgotten - but with just a simple touch is in my heart again.

Will I Always Love You?

It has been so long
Yet when I see you
I still remember
The way my heart would melt
The way my stomach felt
I used to love you so
I am just wondering
Where did those feelings go?
Do you still remember?
As I lay here thinking, I see your cute smile.
I feel your loving lips and your warm embrace.
Then, I remember, this was so long ago.
I had told myself to let go.
I do not love you
I do not need you
I would not melt in your arms, or die for a kiss
Why is it that I still feel this way?
I wonder, could it be?
That I have always loved you,
and only pretended to let go?
I do not know, will I always care?
I will always remember, never forget.
I wonder, will I always love you?
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8 Visitor Comments

This poem touched me soo much, I started talkign to my ex again and reading this poem i wanted to cry because i still love her
i can relate to this pome so much i loved it i vote dit a 10
i rate this poem. it is awsome i loved it. 10/10
thanks for this poem I always thought that noone felt like this. My first love and I been apart 2yrs and I feel that I still love him I know I do but will I ever get over him. I dont know but I know that he will always be my first love.
this poem touched me and even made me cry. becuase my ex had to move up to tennessee from where i am now (florida) and i kno fora fact that i will never see him agian, and we had a great relationship going on. but see now im with some one else. and i feel like i love them and i think i might do but,i kno what your trying to say by when you ay that your first love never does fade away.
I vote for this poem, it relates to me, because i lost someone that i use to love still do and always will, i dont know if i will ever stop, nicole i love you
this is a great poem! i feel this way about a guy that i was with for almost 10 months and then he cheated on me and dumped me and now i want to get over him but yet i still love him!-good work!
Great Poem

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