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I wrote this poem a long time ago, not knowing exactly what love was. I recently found exactly what I was looking for when I met my fiancée. He has touched my heart in so many ways, and now I know, that all along I had been dreaming of him when I wrote this. I often wonder how God could make me go through so much hell to find him, but now I know. Failing in love time and time again, makes us appreciate the real thing when we find it.

I Love You

These words I shed are right from the heart.
Some it will inspire, to others tear apart.
But none the less they must be told
These words that can be so new, yet so old.

They must have survived throughout generations.
To some it brings heartache, to others elations.
These words can be said at any chosen time.
They can be told gently or at the drop of a dime.

When told to a person who feels the same,
Into their arms you go and forever remain.
But told to a person who doesn't quite agree
The pain they can bring is awful to see.

These words will steal your heart like a crook.
Its victims aren't chosen by age or by looks;
And no matter how your life is arranged,
Once they are spoken it will always be changed.

If the words I shed are still a mystery,
Think back along the lines of history.
What words are immune to death or by lies?
What words can comfort the sound of our cries?

When thinking of you these words come to mind.
These bittersweet words that have power to bind.
If you don't know yet and I think that you do
These special sweet words are
"I Love You".
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9 Visitor Comments

i love this poem it really touched my heart and it made me think of my fiance. if you dont mind i would like to print it off and put it in my scrapbook. that would mean alot to me. thank you.
I loved that poem! It was just so sweet. It had a lot of meaning to it.
that poem says so many things that are true, i would love to hear more from you.
i love this one with all of my heart but i hope some day i can get a girl that will love me for me some time we look for love and we cant find any way i cnat speel but i know in my heart we all need love so only way i can say this pome is very lovey and i hope the best for all i hope we all look for love and we all find some day is a good time and some days or not so what do we do we look for love so to all the people in all over the world if you love some one tell them now dont wait it will be to late i know i lost my love so now i am alone so if you love some one go get it dont give up
Another perfect 10
i loved this poem it was very very true and i liked the fact that it rhymed b-cuz i love rhyming poems it was very wonderful you have great talent
Wow, an amazing piece of work from a very talented and inward looking writer. We want more of the same!
i love this poem it really has a meaningfull message.
This site has a lot of ryhme, I told this poem to my girl, heh! A easy date!

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