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This poem is for my girlfriend, who has touch my heart in many ways. This poem describes how strong my love for her is, how it keeps me going, and how our faith in each other's love has brought us closer and our dreams more reachable.

Power Of Love

I have this driving force that keeps me going day after day. It
pushes me, it motivates me, it strengthens me. This driving force is
called LOVE - An emotion that I have experienced while being with you. The
Power of Love gives me the strength to move mountains and hills that may
keep me from being with you. The Love I have for you enhances all of my
senses, letting my ears listen to the whispers you tell my heart, that
ride with the wind. This Love I have for you is so powerful, that I need
not see a beautiful sunset for all the beauty I will ever need to see lies
in your eyes. Through every thought and every dream, I can feel you, like
you are right here next to me. The Love you have shown me gives me the
strength to make it through my worst days. I Love you so much, that I see
you everywhere. I see your face in the clouds, as if it was molded
from clay. The Power of Love helps me get through each passing day. I
will move mountains for you, I will keep my Love honest and true. You
need only to ask, and I will provide and strive to fulfill your wishes.
Faith makes our dreams, but Love is our guide.

I Love you Marsha! I love you very much. You are very special to me.
Love is powerful and we are just begging to understand just how powerful
it really is. Give me a chance and I will give you the world, but
ultimately I will give you my love.
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5 Visitor Comments

that was a very stong poem
I love this poem because it's true and it shows that special someone how much you really care and love them and want to be with them. Love like that is so very hard to find and when and if you do find it you should cherish it, because love is so hard to find yet so easy to lose. So cherish what you have and God bless you.
This is the strangest thing. I went online to find a love poem to share with my boyfriend that lives 600 miles away. The search words were "The Love I Have For You". Your poem popped up first. I love it and was I amazed when I got near the end and saw that the poem was written to Marsha! As you can see, my name is also Marsha so I felt a special fondness for your words. Thank you!
great poem I like it a lot. keep up the writing hope to hear more from you.
i relly like this poem a lot. i can relate to it for my boyfriend and i are begining to see how strong our love is beging to be.

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