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Sometimes I feel as though I will never find a woman that will love me as much as I want to love her. True love. A real love. A lifetime together filled with a love that will never fade away.

A Man Like Me

Who could love a man like me?
True love is how it should be.
Best friends always, never to part.
Intimate desires, straight from the heart.

Walking side by side, hand in hand,
Two pair of footprints in the sand.
Restless nights when you’re not there,
A day without you just isn’t fair.

Eyes that weep, when you're sad.
A listening ear, when you’re mad.
Loving arms, a warm embrace,
A glimpse of you, my heart will race.

Tears of joy, at your success,
Your life I pray God will bless.
Love, trust, and surrender all,
This is a must, or love will fall.

This is how true love should be,
Could you love a man like me?
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25 Visitor Comments

i feel the same way. with a girl i know. melissa
this poem was so well worded and exactly how feel for someone myself. it was a very touching poem and deserves to be published.
Very touching to my heart..I loved it!
Honest and sweet!
I too can share the feelings of the great poet who wrote this wonderful poem. I have always cared for people, and I would give my life for someone and yet I didn't seem to have a lot of luck. Now I have a great lady whom I love and can't explain how much I love her accept that it is like space, going on forever. For all the people who dedacate themselfs to trying to find true love, I have to say this poem fits well to us:-D Very good poem!
My God ! I never knew someone could write as beautiful as this!
Your poem is great. From the sound of your writing you have had so much love and so much pain in your life. I can assure you that there are many women out there that would love to have a man like you. A man who's feelings can be expressed so well.
I'm not sure what to say except this poem was amazingly written and I loved it.
What a beautiful poem. It really just draws you in.
Very beautiful. Makes a girl realize that is a man out there with a lot of love and care and she maybe will find someone like that in her own life.
This poem was beautifully written, truely written from the heart. It Moved me indeed. Keep up the Excellence that only comes once in awhile.
Beautifully said...great work of art
I was overcome with emotions as I read your beautiful poem. I found a "man" like your poem, and yes, "I can love a man like you" !
Nice Poem, it was touching. I felt the same way when i didnt have a b/f. But now i found one, and its the best feeling. I hope you do find your girl who will love you 4 ever soon. Good poem...well done.
I know exactly how you feal man. Great poem.
That was such a beautiful poem! It flows so nice so it is so easy to be a part of.
Good honest stuff. Keep it up mate!!
i loved your poem it was very interesting and i visited your web page and i like that too
One of the best poems I have ever read. Very touching and I would love read any of the poems that he would write.
I thought your poem was wonderful, straight from the heart. You have a special way of expressing yourself. Keep up the good work.
Loved the poem. I think if there really were men like that, I could love em'!
I Love it, I can relate totally. Keep up the good work.
This is a lovely poem and it really touch my heart. Keep writing good poetry. There are people who really get something out of it. You have a gift. Keep sharing.
Great poem, it brings inspiration to women who are loosing hope.

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