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I sat at the computer slowly contemplating how to use my time as I scratched this poem on an old e-mail. I was distraught that my sweetheart had left for a week long excursion to Florida, and this was the result. I truly love her, and I could not stand to be without her.

So Far Away, Yet Always Close

So far away...
the beaches which you walk.

Yet so close...
always in my heart.

So far away...
I cannot touch your hand,
I cannot feel your breath,
I cannot hold you close.

Yet so close...
I can feel you in my heart,
I can see you in my mind,
I can hear you in my ears.

You can go so far away...
You can travel to the ends of the earth...

But as long as I have your love...
As long as I have you...
You will always be close.

As sure as the sun rises,
And the tides will change,
I will always love you,
An you will always be close to my heart.
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22 Visitor Comments

this poem really touched me it is exacly what am going through right now
My girlfriend was kind of upset from so when i sent this peom 4 her she realy liked it and aslo help with my relationship with my girlfriend. thank you for writting that kind of peom
Summed up how I felt. My girlfriend has returned to Canada and I won't see her for months. Steve's words helped.
i loved this poem,cuz it remainded me of my love,who is so far away right now,but still is so close.
How much could I say how your poem touched us. My fiancee in Russia sent me this poem. Instantly I knew, without a doubt, she felt as I and I of her. This poem is a bond solidified. It has reached to the very essence of my heart. It has strengthen my resolve and has brought me peace. Thank you.
this poem really touched me because im in love with a navey guy we have been dating a year now and he just graduated from boot camp he is so far away but also so close to my heart
I love this poem because me and my ex have been having trouble with eachother sure yes we are on a break but we are still together her parents dont want her with me but she lives 2 thousand miles from me but i dont care becasue i know in my heart that i love her and that she loves me and in all reality thats all that matters to me i lover her so much and this poem made me think alot about her
this is a great touching poem it reminds me of my boyfriend and i well i dont know if he still is i cant talk to him his mom wonyt let me and its really hard and i cant see him anymore because he gets homeschooled now and he cant talk to anyone from his old school so he will always be in ,my heart
This Poem is so heart touching and Great i love it and i wish the best for pople who are in love but they are so far apart
my feelings and what i want my baby to know is in this poem. My baby is in another country very far away and i missed her bably. I just want her to know that. This poem has help.
At the moment I'm involved in a long-distance relationship and my girlfriend just sent me this poem, and it really touched my heart.
A lovely poem that really touched my heart, as my loved one is so far away.
I am involved in a long distance relationship and she sent me part of your poem. I liked what I read and ran a search to see all of it. Thepoem so far away yet always close matched my feelings very much and I truely appreciated itt I would like to see more love poems by Steve Forsythe. Thank you very much!
My girlfriend in Russia sent this poem to me. It conveys the circumstances and feelings well. Thank you for writing it. JET.
i think this is a really great poem its like your in love with someone so far awayit was wonderful
This poem is really nice. It made me feel so close to my lost boyfriend. He just died a few days ago and I could still feel him next to me. I Vopy this poem and put it in a frame with His picture on it. That way I will know He is still close to me and that He wants me to be happy. I lOVE this POEM
this poem really touched me because it said the things that you can not describe as well to the person you love the lines were really touching. i really liked the last two paragraphs they really touched me. it was just the poem i was looking for. may god give you success in life bye kiran
Just to say that I really liked this poem. It really touched my heart and that's what I am going through right now coz' the one I love is far away.
I know how it feels when the one you love lives so far away. This poem is exactly everything I've felt and thought about.
Simply Beautiful !

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