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This poem is about how I am so very private and keep things to myself, and someone who wants to love me will have to really risk themselves in order to get to know my soul. But when they do take that risk, then their footprints left on my hidden beach will forever be there, and I will never forget them, even if they physically disappear from my life. So basically it is about how it is really hard for me to open up and it will take a brave man to love me.

Velvet Footprints

Didn't you see the sign out front
on the iron door with rusting hinges,
graying from under use?
It said
Keep Out - Enter At Your Own Risk.

But you chose to risk your heart
and placed a wanting hand on the cruel knob.
A silent velvet footstep filled me,
unwelcome yet needed.

You found my hidden beach,
with grains of time and an ocean
of secret secrets, violet and red.
You left your trail of deep blue footsteps
on my glowing beach of soul,
and no matter how many times
the tides wash the sand anew,
your prints can never be erased.

Each one shines, a star in my lonely universe.
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5 Visitor Comments

Expresses my feelings in every way.Beautiful in every way.Keep it up.U have talent.
breath taking
this is a excelent poem!! i really love it! i'm a sucker for love poems...but this one really expresses how i feel! keep up your awesome work!
Velvet Footprints is a wonderfully expressive poem with many visuals. I thoroughly enjoyed every line. Great job Lacysoul!!!

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