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This poem was written for my wife as we are having marital problems right now. She is searching for herself, as am I, and feels she needs some freedom. We have been married 15 years,13 of which have been wonderful. We have been struggling the last two years and have reached a pivotal point in our lives.

This was my way of showing her how I felt about her and what I feel she needs from me. I love her very much still and hope I reach her heart.

Dark Cloud

You want me to love you
like a cloud loves the rain...

I should set you free
in hopes of seeing you again...

But I can't help but feel
Like a desert in the sun...

Ignored by the rain
which is elsewhere having fun...

The lightning in this cloud
is sharp and very uncertain...

The cloud needs to set the rain free
Across the desert like a curtain...

In hopes the rain will make flowers bloom
and reach up to the sky...

And not rush away quickly
Leaving all dusty and dry...

So give this cloud strength
To rain like never before...

To give his sweet love wings
So she can finally soar...

Then just maybe
as she flies high back into the air...

She will join her cloud again
Who will be patiently waiting there...

The cloud will hunger for the rain's return
Like someone searching for gold and mining...

For I am a dark cloud now
But you are my silver lining...
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2 Visitor Comments

J: Your poem touched me for I can truly relate to it, I am like Your wife and My husband like You... with the exception that he he is not as willing to let go to allow me the Freedom I 'need after 17 years of marriage I wish he would, If only for just a lil' while. Thank You for this 'Eye Opening Poem You have written.
My husaband and i just went throught he same thing as you have with your wife, but finaly after a very short break of three months we are back together, and twice as strong. please be strong your wife will see the right light. Thank you for writing a lovely poem,it really made me think of how my husband must have been feeling.

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