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I have been with my husband for over 11 years and married 10 1/2. We have two beautiful children. After all these years our love is still strong and grows more every second. I wanted to write a poem that describes our relationship. This is only part of what we feel for each other.

Forever Love

You were meant to be my destiny
For you were sent to me
It was 1987, a day in November
A day I will always remember

Tall, dark, and handsome, a radiant smile
One that can be seen for at least a mile
I'm not the only one whose noticed your eyes
So gorgeous, sincere, serious, and wise

The next October, we said our vows of forever
We formed a bond no one can sever
As we slipped on our bands of gold
I recalled the words, to have and to hold....

I'm yours and yours alone, you can depend
The love that I give you has no end
You are also my one and only
With you in my heart, I will never be lonely

One of a kind, apart from the rest
I may be biased, but I say you're the best
Heart, body, and soul, they only belong to you
Much time has passed but our love feels brand new

I love to lay next to you at night
Being with you, it feels so right
I picture you in my mind each day
Just the thought of you takes me away

I love you so much I can't say it enough
To imagine life without you is just too tough
You have to know my words are sincere
We can face the future together, with no fear

We have passed some tests over the years
Laughing, arguing, even some tears
Being married to you is the best part of life
We'll go through eternity as husband and wife

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4 Visitor Comments

this poem describes the way i fell about my fiance although we are not married yet i have been with him for 10 years and he his my everything and i would never want to imagine my life without him in it!
This poem says it all. It is wonderful . I made my husband a memory book for valentines day and used this poem. Thanks for sharing it. Kim
i enjoyed reading this poem, Forever Love by Lorna Ives. it has touched me, though i am single. it makes me wish that i could be as "lucky" as her. to be destined meet with "that" someone, fall in love with him, get married, and years down the line, the love she has for her husband is as fresh as the day she met him and will. last forever.
My sister the beautiful poet. I would vote this poem #1. I am so happy you have a wonderful husband and the 2 of you are so happy. You have a treasure. I love you little sis.

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