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At the time I wrote this I was coming out of a bad relationship and had met the person who I am with now. We saw each other occasionally, but I always wanted more. We now are together and very happy, so I guess the wait was worth it.

Longing For You

Deep inside my soul is aching
Longing for your touch
Inside my chest my heart is breaking
I'm missing you so much
You just don't know how much I love you
How much I really care
My feelings are strong and oh so true
This kind of love is rare
A life without you is not complete
I'm so empty inside
I long for the day we will be together
And no longer have to hide.
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30 Visitor Comments

It's a really touching poem, where I can see myself in. It's very beautiful!
This poem speaks my mind, my feelings to my fiance. I know he will be happy dat someone here cares. I love the author of this poem, i wish him to continue the good work.
I really love this poem. and I feel ya!
theres this boy who use to really like me and i loved him and i still do but he thinks we should just be friends this poem is very touching and inspiring for those who have a love like me thankyou for this poem i love it.
this poem means so much to me. reacently me and my boyfriend were on the run, i had to hide our love. it is still hard to not spend every min. with him. i love him more than the earth itself
wow. nice one.
well this poem is the one i was looking for to let my love one know how much i love him and how much he means to me. I was looking and here it was thank u for leting me find the right one god bless the write and all of yea
this was a grat poem
Awesome poem! I've been struggling with these feelings all weekend, looking for a way to share them with the one I'm falling in love with. This is the one!
That poem touched me so much. It's exactly how I feel.
I loved this Poem by Peggy Smith, it fits my lie to a T right now, we are not together yet though.
I have just two words. Beautiful and Perfect. I loved it!
that says it all what a great poem!
That was one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read, pehaps because i can relate to it so much. I met this guy twice, i miss him so much i just want to be in his arms be his girl. its crazy but certainly love at first sight, i know how u feel about the emptiness,and a life without this guy is just incompleate. Thanks Peggy, for sharing your poem with the world. I hope you you no longer have to hide, and be forever happy with this guy, thanks again Peggy - what a masterpiece
It is wonderful to read a poem like this and know that you are not the only one.
its reall nice it reminds me of the girl that i really want in my life
this is great stuff!it says to my love what i want to say. thx.
a great poem! it sends a true feeling of love and wanting.passion without boundaries.
That was soooooo cuuuuuuuuute.
I love your poem. This is really a great poem. Make some more like this and send to me please!
This poem really touched my heart, it had so much feeling to it, I could FEEL the sense of longing in the poem. I think this poem is so beautiful, and I had to share it with the author.
Wow! This is probably the best poem I have ever read that truly describes the feelings I have for my lover. I am not a poet and I have been searching and searching for a poem that speaks to me. I envy those who can truly write poetry and your poem is just that of how I feel. Thank you so much
beautiful..I can really relate to this poem. I have been in love with someone from afar and wanted to say how much i loved them and often wondered if anyone else felt the way I did at that time. This poem IS how I felt.
Its good I give it a 9 on a scale of 1-10
its a really good poem
Very nice poem :)
This poem was very good. I really and truly loved it. Right now I'm in a situation just like that.
this poem really hits home for me,because i'm involved with a wonderful guy that i care about so much. But because of my Parents we can't be together in an open relationship. And believe me i can't wait for the day for us to stop hiding. thanks , at least there is someone who understands.

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