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I am no stranger to romance, bad or otherwise, but all my life I have felt something missing, an intangible longing for more...I have just found that missing link in the form of the love of my life, with him I get tingles, simply by thoughts...I am indeed his arms.


How could I have known a love this consuming awaited me?
At the mere mention of your name, I tremble..
to touch you, is a delight reserved only for angels,
my long awaited lover.

To smell your essence, taste your lips upon mine,
to feel your warmth and hear the beating of your heart...
I hear your voice calling my name...
yes, I hear you, I come..

I come as a child, new to this world.
My first breath is taken as your mouth devours mine.
My heart takes a skipped beat as you touch my face,
my newly opened eyes bear witness to your beauty,
as I unfold within your arms...

You are the only world I shall ever need.
you will be my pleasure,
the light to guide my way,
my passion and my mate.

I will love you with a love that is endless in motion,
a full circle unbroken by time,
as limitless as space itself...

Awaken me now,
take this newly born child,
take my hand and heart and all my life....
Breathe life into my soul
and join it with your own
and with my hand in yours
and our hearts entwined,
together we shall face
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3 Visitor Comments

I love this poem because and so does my friend. it moved me. ummm im kinda speechless. im emailing it to all my friends
This poem truly touched my soul. You are a master of the written word; I hope you do not mind that I shared this with my new love. He is special enough to deserve your gift. Thank You.
i like that peom cause its about a new born love and its really a sweet thing

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