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I was inspired to write this poem when I hung up the phone with a friend that really means a lot to me. He gives me feelings inside that just spark my desire to write. I can't describe the feelings that come over me. So, I release them and express them in this poem.


You always make me blush
The tingling sensation that flows throughout my cheeks
As you flatter me with the sweet words you speak

Your touch; your embrace
They send goose bumps down my spine
So chilling it makes it hard to breathe

The love you express to me
And all the love that you give to me
I know now what I live for

To feel you
To hold you
To kiss your lips and
To try my best to reach your soul

Never wanting to be away from you
To let go of your body
To let your hand separate from my grasp
How I long to have you by my side

These are the moments
When time should have no existence
Where it should never end and
Bring to reality you have to leave

Please don't leave...

A warm kiss goodbye
A cool spring breeze
A tear from my eye
The time has come that you must leave

So alone now
I know I'm still in your heart
"Only a phone call away" I say to myself
To ease the loneliness I feel

You complete me
You make me whole
You're my other half
You're the happiness I've waited for

You chase away my cloudy days
You put a twinkle in my darkest nights
All these days I've spent with you
I still don't know how to express the
emotions I feel

The only words that come to mind
Are words so commonly used
I want them to be unique
To release everything I feel

To me, they aren't enough
But yet, they'll have to do...

I love you...
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9 Visitor Comments

really very very good. i wantd 2 express my love. n these r d words. i m searchin for///. thanks
Lisa. how can i just find words to express what i really want?? Dear, astonishing piece of work by you! God bless. !
wow this quote was awsome, i've never heard anything like it, i write poems about my feelings too, mainly i use them to get through my depression. I just believe it is a great way to let everything out and it makes you feel so much better
This poem was awesome! I'm getting ready to leave for college, and also leave behind my boyfriend, who I believe is my soulmate. I have been writing poems, trying to express how I feel. This just helped me out. Thank you!
Liza this poem was very very good!!! im sort of in the same situation but im a guy so everything is kinda of different, but ur poem is very inspiring it makes me want to write!!!! keep writing though you write very good.
When I read this poem, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to tell my friend. There was so much feeling in every word. Thank you for putting into words, my thoughts, and my deepest feelings!
Lisa, I love your poem, EMOTIONS, it is very sweet. You should get in a relationship with the guy that inspired you to compose it because I am a fortune teller. I can tell you, you and him is meant to be. He is really the only one who has the talent and power to satisfy and please you. So, listen to me because "HE" is the one who will grant your every emotional and physical needs.
Wonderful! "Emotions" touched my heart in ways that I've never been able to feel before. It is an exact match for my boyfriend and I. Thank You Liza Marie.
This poem expresses every thing I feel towards my SOS.

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