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Another weekend spent without my love, yet he is ever present in my mind in all that I do, feel, say....this poem is about a weekend recently spent with him in my thoughts.

My Weekend With You In My Thoughts

I met my dear friend for lunch
Laughed, shared, discussed
Realized how much she would enjoy
Your special blend of humor I smiled
A private smile and thought of you

Kathie had a friend spend the night
Two six year olds to play with and cuddle
Read stories, said prayers, sang songs
Kissed good night and tucked snugly in
Saw our two girls in my mind, thought of you

Fixed pancakes Saturday morning
Sweet smell filled the house
Family came out of the woodwork for breakfast
And I thought of cooking in the morning
Especially for a special man, thought of you

Took the kids skating on Saturday
Had a great time on wheels, not blades
Beat Bianca while racing, laughed a lot
Fell flat on my butt, jumped right back up
Thought of skating on ice, thought of you

Spent Saturday night laughing with friends
Letting my hair down and being silly
Hadn't laughed that hard in forever and a day
Wished it would go on and on and on
Only having one person there would have made it better....
Thought of you

Sunday morning dawned beautiful and bright
Blue skies warm without a cloud
Sat in church and prayed for you and your classes and work
Your family, Your Dad's surgery, your health
I felt content and at peace for a moment, thought of you

Took the girls to the park in the afternoon
Played on the swings and the slide and ran like crazy
Fed hungry ducks, gave bread to kids all around
Wore shorts and a t-shirt it was so nice and warm
Chasing Emma I looked at my feet, saw running shoes, thought of you

Sitting quietly for a moment
Sipping some iced tea at the end of the day
My mind slowly wanders, aimlessly traveling
Day dreaming and soon I feel heart messages
Emotions of love...I realize....I thought of you.
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5 Visitor Comments

The peom is really good. It makes expression of feelings so so fine. Keep writing I will read them often.
I loved your poem. It was beautiful. Keep writing
a concise expression of feelings, emotions and thoughts that any single parent can relate to when for whatever reason, they can't/aren't with the one they love. wow!
I like this poem more and more each time I read it....I can almost smell the pancakes myself. Great work Julie.
I like the simplicity by which you express your feelings

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