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Everyone likes to hear the words "I Love You"

When you are apart from the one you love, separated maybe by continents, maybe just they are at work, there can be the desire to tell them you love them that moment.

In such a moment I penned this to send to my partner.

Go on, make your partner smile, email them this today!

A Note To Say I Love You

I want to say I love you, but alas you are not here,
Else I would take you in my arms and whisper in your ear

I'd call to say I love you, send my greetings down the phone,
But my call would go unanswered for I know you are not home

I'd write to say I love you, but the method is too slow,
It's the instantaneous feeling that I want you to know.

So this is to say I love you, and it comes straight from the heart
My thoughts forever with you, even though we are apart.
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13 Visitor Comments

me too thiz iz how i feel about my boy friend.
When I read this poem I had to send it to my boyfriend.
this is so great i feel this way about my boyfriend as well
i love it says everything i cant
I love a man and he is the most wonderful gut I have ever met and that poem makes me think of him. It is exactly the kind of thing he would say, and the exact thing he would like to hear. It touched me in a way that I personally never thought a few simple words could, as has he. It will linger in my thoughts forever. It is the type of poem that when someone wants to express thier emotions verbely to the man or woman that they love they should have in mind. Love is not something that you can just say, it is also something that you should express vrebely and showingly, if you will. When you love someone you should stop at nothing to prove it. A thoughtful poem, whether personally written or perhaps found among pages of poems is the perfect way to show it, and to have this perticular poem read to me would be probably the nicest most thoughtful things evar said to me,though not written personally.
nice poem thankyou
I loved this poem it comes straight from the heart and sometimes people need to hear how much they are loved.
well , i think this pomes is a sweet pomes i like a lot i cryede when i looked at it. i wright my own pomes there good my mom like them but yea it was really good!
I love this poem t reminds me of how much im missing my boyfriend right now hes all the way in new york and im all the way in the bahamas. He went on a trip. Great poem
this poem was so good it really hit me and i hope it does for others to!
This is exactly how I feel about my boyfriend. I love this poem!
This poem is very sweet and meaningful. I LOVED IT!
this poem sums up the feelings of truly needing to be with that special someone. I think the author's poem is very well written and moving..and can touch many hearts

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