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While My Love is far away and I cannot touch her myself, I even envy the sun for being able to touch her in some way.

Envy the Sun

Even the sun with its golden rays
Reaches out to you at the end of the day
To hold you in its warm embrace
And tenderly touch your beautiful face
It covers you in its shimmering glow
To caress you gently before it goes
Then falls at last upon your lips
As if to give you a good night kiss
So I tell you, I envy the sun
For all those things which it has done
While all there is for me to do
Is await the night so I can dream of you.
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20 Visitor Comments

It is very nice and when people hear it they will feel very relax . I wish that I could write a poem so beautifully like you!
I love th poem. I can relate to it so much thank and keep th good work up!
i think this is a very good poem keep up the good work
This poem made me cry. My mam passed away in August 2004 aged just 53, she worshipped the sun and this poem seems to say it all for me. Thank you for giving me the chance to read it. Thank you
i first read this poem about 5 years ago and it still crosses my mind often. i've never read such a short poem that manages to say so very much. thank you jason for sharing your beautiful poem with everyone.
I wish that I could write like this. Very touching
i like all the poems you wrote.
Awesome Poem! It touched my heart! :) You are the best!
This poem . . .it's so perfect in the way it's written . . . Silverthorne, you are truly talented . . . Envy the Sun is beautiful . . .
That poems describes the stuation between my love and I, you are an astounding poet
omg i love this poem...reminds me of my love, Rachael
Great poem Jason. It really fit our situation. Thanks
This poem doesn't relate to my situation, but it still brought a tear to my eye. I sounds so very sincere. It made me feel like Jason.
That is the most beautiful poem that I have ever read. Keep up the good poetry.
I really love this poem. Jason you are very talented, I hope to see more of your work
Oh my god that is so beautiful and what an expression of love wow
this poem is exactly how I feel about someone. I long to touch her soul, but can't. WOW!!!!!! too good
I like this poem, a lot :)
I really love your poem. It is perfect for the situation I am in. Thank you so much for writing what so many of us feel, but don't have the talent to say.
love it still

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