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This poem expresses the emotion that I consider to be the most True Love of any other imaginable.

Love runs deeper than words, and it is for that reason that this poem can not express True Love to it's full extent. However, with the help of the human heart, the words of this poem can be translated into the most magnificent feeling in the world.

True Love

I look at her,
Laying in her bed,
Contentment fills my heart as I see her serenity,
She looks so peaceful.
Slowly, I motion toward her,
With every step needing her more and more.

I crawl in behind her
And softly I put my hand at her side.
Gently, I kiss her cheek,
Then rub my lips down along the side of her neck,
Back and fourth, Back and fourth.
I put my arms around her as she turns into me.

I look at her,
Still so calm, So tranquil.
I kiss her forehead softly,
Then her cheek.
Finally I awaken her,
Kissing her tender lips.
I raise my hand and caress her face,
Beginning at her forehead and ending at her chin.

Once again I kiss her,
Wrapping my arms around her,
Lifting her with me as I slowly sit up.
Calmly, I gather her hair behind her,
Rubbing my cheek against hers,
Kissing her neck.
As I lift my head back I look into her eyes,
The love I feel inside is reflected back at me.
Gently, I embrace her,
Holding her close to my heart.

Softly, I bring her head to mine,
Faintly whispering the only words that come to mind,
"I love you."
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9 Visitor Comments

I like this poem because I am in love.
True love can be like a desert flower. Surviving under the toughest conditions.
This tells true fellings. I feel this way every night I wake up to my fiance.
well. I vote a big YES to what you felt.
I love your poem ! really , it's undiscrible. you can really discribe the moment, you make it sound so special. Well done
wow! is all i can say i love your poem its os sweet and true. it remind me of my and my boyfriend. all the things you wrote about is what i have experience. this is the best of all i seen because its true and just so warm and makes you think of that special someone. i give a 9 for this poem. keep up the good work and i would like to see more of you name around.
It says exactly how I feel,Thank~You.I smile.
I love it and I vote it a 10

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