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I lost my very dear friend. She was (and still is) very special, because she is the one who taught me what it's like to be myself, she helped me discover myself.

She told me that there is no sin in being yourself and loving yourself. She also told me of God and the Love He has for me. She opened myself to myself - she was always there, helping and caring when I was going through this difficult process. And now - we don't even see each other any more and if we see each other in the street - we great like strangers!

I did not lose her by my own 'mistake', but by the wickedness of someone else - my mother who is very possessive of me. It is always bad to loose something that is so precious, especially when they are still there.

For Almie

Just by the thought of you
I find myself all sad again.
I've lost you, but also gained.
I know I must be grateful,
but my soul is sad for you.

I'll remember you always
for the good you have done,
for the seed you have sown,
for the faith you have given me
and for the example you set.

Yet, I find myself all sad again,
in my thoughts,
in my joys.
My thoughts are closed,
cause you don't look there anymore.

The season is over and
I know I must be happy
but the loss is too big
and the pain too intense.
I need to tell you my new story,
see your eyes,
experience your smile
and taste the tea we usually drink.

I just so much wish
you could see the harvest of my life
from the seeds you have sown!
Especially now, when it's full in harvest -
I know your soul would have smiled.

But then again, although I'm sad -
I know I'm glad -
cause I know I've saved you.
I'll rest my heart in that . . .
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50 Visitor Comments

i really liked this poem. i lost a friend she had a cra crash, she was serioudly hurt but made a full recovery. i havent seen her since the crash almost half a year i could just text her but im too afraid to she might of changed
I loved your peom! It is really good loved it sooo much!
it was realy good and kinda sad though
'When one did experience the loss of a frend,then he/she will know the meaning behind this poem' and indeed, having been one who face this stark reality of life, i feel the sadness and mixed emotion behind this poem. and i just wanna say how true this poem is, esp to me.
it's very touching i like it so much.
Very nice poem .
i noe how u feel, i lost ma bestfriend, everytime i c him i just start cryin. he saved ma life all da time but noe there's no1 to take his place, i miss him alot. but now all can du is cry wen im happy ,thinkin of everything i went thru nd he put me thru, da only thing i have left is memeries
Well, this is the exact way I feel. I lost a friend who was really special to me. I tried to ask her if we could be friends again but I am too afraid.
1000000000 i give you
i really like the poem. i can relate to it because i just lost my closest friend. It is one of the best poems i have read.
i love your poem it echos how im feeling sad for having lost someone but happy having known them, thankfull for the good they put into your life but also saddend because they left you. thankyou
I recently lost my best friend. I haven't seen her in 10 yrs. but we never lost touch. She dies unexpectedly leaving 2 young children and her husband. She left me too. She meant so much and was a Wanderful person. I miss her so much. This poem really touches me and my feelings. Thank you!
this poem is so very heart touching. i hav no words for this poem. let me gus say that life has its ups n down. plese don worry ur true friendship will never die.
loved this just made a pig's ear off a new friendship x
well i liked this poem because 2 months ago my best friend (who is canadian and was in australia for 5 months) went back home and while were still in contact almost everyday i miss her like i never imagined was possible. it feels like ive lost her forever. and it hurts so bad! so good job eh!
Very well written. 9. 5/10 Remember what is meant for evil can and often is used for good.
This poem is very sad, because having to lose a close friend who taught you how to be yourself and do what you wanted to do is very heartbreaking I know you had to have went through some hard times and Im sorry that you lost someone so great but like this poem if you had a friend that was not really acting like themselves and you could tell then you need to step up and help them and if it works you will be really good role model to them and everybody around you who noticed your friends actions and you will have had helped them succeed in something and thats a good feeling to know you helped someone with a problem that later on in life could have had really hurt them and they would be in a big dark hole
This was a really great poem and it touched me because my friend Abby and i were really close but then she left and now i have this emptiness but i know that she will always be there for me and she also helped me to discover me for who i am not what i am.
hey i loved this poem i can relate to it too . i lost one off my freinds as well oh well it happenes through life and we hv to live it anyways grat poem! peace
I loved this poem it so describes me and my best friend that died! Stay kool
This poem is gr8t. Just what i was loking for. this poem is touching. u r an awsome poet. keep it up!
First let me start off by saying that I'm sorry that you had to lose such a good friend. I know the feeling, because I just recently lost someone who I thought was my bestfriend. The only difference between your loss and mine was that her boyfriend is the reason why we're not friends anymore. I feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only one who has sufffered the way I have.
i gets to me i have afriend i do not what to los her so it gate to mejesse
This is a great poem, it is good to see people expressing their feelings. Talking bout your thoughts and feelings is the best way to over come what you have felt.
u loved it -- and i can relate cuz the same thing happened to me. i lost my best friend cuz she said something i knew she didnt mean, but it was hurtful all the same. my mom saw, called her, and told her she was disappointed. then, she called my friends mom and told her what happened. you wanna know the sad thing about it? it was all over a stupid award.
the poem is very good and i like the poem
i think in my onw apinyon , that this poem is great , and it inspiers 2 2 be greatful 4 all the friends that i have
I loved that peom. It touched my heart because I have just lost some one close to me and I can Feel your pain!
That is a wonderful poem.
I really like the poem
I can totally understand this poem. I recently lost my best friend because of my own stupid words. I guess I'm almost happy with myself again. except for when I right a poem about us. When I write poems about the stuff we used to do, and how I miss her, everything comes back. God I miss her. Thank you Jeanelle. You showed me I'm no the only one who has to go through this kind of thing.
i know what you fell i lost my friend he killed himself he was my everything to all you got to do is keep your head up because i know she rather she you laugh than cry
There's nothing as "disempowering as losing a friend. May god love and protect us vulnerable women, that we never become so self-assured, that we feel we have the right to pick and choose who is "worthy" of friendship
Your poem was pretty sad cos you lost someone you cared about, i know how that feels. But the only thing in the poem I didn't like was the harvest part. You went on a bit.
This poem relates so much to me because my friend,my hero, had a great impact in my life but because of my mother we grew distant.
I losed my coach a couples years ago and she was the world to me. She was the one person that could relate with us all kids when no one else cared. About 2 days later one of my teachers was in a car accident and had passes away also. There had been people in our school that got in car accidents and were killed and on 6,7,02 my best friend was killed in a car accident and i miss her much. Your poem really helped. Never stop writing.
You're prayer says so much to me. I love the way you wrote it and it truly is a wonderful very spiritual poem. I am dealing with the loss of my bestfriend and your poem speaks almost every word in my heart. Thanks!
I lost a friend at 16 to Cancer. I will be sharing this poem with some friends at a local cancer walk that we are doing today. Thank you for helping me remember that we can go on, and they can too.
I like this poem 'cause it fits me perfectly. Ilost my best friend for something stupid. Nice poem!
I to have had an experience like that with a friend who was very dear to me. I thought this poem was exactly what I felt about my situation,but I could never explained it like that.
Wow I think you put a lot of feeling in this poem. And i know what you are talking about becuase i went throught the exact same thing three years ago. Me and my best friend got into a really big fight and it was all my fualt. We didnt talk for almost two years. And i tried everything to get her back in my life. But time just took it's own path. As that later year went on we no longer exsisted to eachother. Now everything is ok in my life. We have become BEST friends again. i know th if you really want your friend. time will take it's own path as it did for me and eventually get you back on track with you friend! You just need hope and god in your life. Your poem really showed alot of heart and alot emotion. I score you a perfect 10!
wow. it touched us deep down inside in a place that no other poem has ever touched before. tears were streaming down our faces, as other people in the library were laughing at us. but we didn't care, all we cared about was the poem we had just read. it was fantastic, never stop writing . ever .
i thot it was cute and sad
I loved it!
it reminds me of the best friend i ever had, the one that i lost in a car accident on that cold january morning of 1995, it made me cry when i read it.
i used your poem for a school project. It was perfect!
I thought this poem very touching. I lost my friend from a problem in my life, And if i were to see her walking down the street it would feel like complete strangers. I miss her dearly. This was a excellant poem!
This poem was awesome! It made me realize all the friends I have that made an impact on who I am today!
I thought that it was a really special poem. I liked the words used in it, the thought, and the expression.
I'm a christian myself and I thought this poem was very touching

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