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Reaching out for a friend who has decided that her boyfriend is everything to her and you don't matter as much to her anymore.


I reached out for your hand
You didn't seem to care;
You can only reach so far
When no one else is there.

Others also reached for you
Hoping to make you see;
That we're just as important
As he will ever be.

We wish we could reach further
But we are only so strong;
We hoped your eyes would open
So that you'd see you're wrong.

It hurts to have to reach far
When you once were so near;
It's hard shouting out for you
With our voices you don't hear.

We wish you'd extend your hand
And sense the friendship there;
Knowing what our memories mean
Showing us you still care.

We realize you don't reach back
Instead his hands with yours;
You can't handle both the worlds
So you close common doors.

We're done reaching for the past
You are now on your own;
We hope he is all worth it,
Without him you're alone.
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110 Visitor Comments

I really loved this poem. Even my friend did the same thing. When her boy friend was not there she always talked to me,always took my help but now she doesnt care for me anymore. For her, her boyfriend is everything and I am nothing.
Hi Jill,After reading your poem. I feel something different. People comes and goes,but here, people come for us,but when they get someone else,they will never turn up to us,and one day our own lovable friend will ask us "Who are you?" This is happening with me again and again,I am really feared to make a friend now, because oneday they ignore us,just because they get new ones,I hate such friends,It really make me to cry,but I wont cry,because my tears is of no use for her,well ,Thats really good to read it
This poem reminds me of what im am going through at the moment with my best friend: i try and tell her but she just doesnt listen and the lad is horrible to her as well if only she could see sense im goin to show her this poem and see if it will make her think. Thanks x
This poem was very touching and very true. I have a situation with a "friend" that this poem describes exactly.
I like this peom, it reminds me of some of my lost friendships. I really like it, and from one poemest to another, that really touched me.
omg i luv thiz thiz iz how i feel rite now wit my bestfriend datin ma brotha but it really hurtz 2 think he meanz more 2 her then i do
i had to comment on this poem. This is exactly how i feel right now with my best friend. She just doesnt seem to remember that before her boyfriend i was always there. That ive been there longer than he has. That ive seen her in her lowest lows and helped her overcome huge struggles. Now she can just leave me behind because of him. At times i just cant even fathom why anyone would do that to someone who was once so close to there hearts. Anyways, thanks so much for this poem, i even cried a little. It truly spoke to me and i hope that you and i can find someone new that wont take us for granted. Definitly keep writing, your great.
I'm in a situation like this and if I showed this to my best friend now, I'm not so sure she'd accept it, but once hes gone . the truth is gonna hurt :(
This Poem really Touched Me !
i love this poem. see i've been best friends with this one girl since i was 2 . now im 13. that 11 years. and then i started liking this one guy and found out he liked my best friend and she liked him. i wanted her to be happy so i hooked them up. but now they've been going out for half a year and she has just started ignoring me and giving all her attention to him and im tired of working so hard just to be a third wheel. and he totally disrespects me and she doesn't even say anything about his rude comments or ne thing like she's on his side. i've tried to tell her how i feel but she just doesn't get it. so i sent her this poem and hopefully she'll understand. but i think it's about time i move on . hopefully one day she'll realize how much she hurt me. beautiful poem it's like you know exactly what im going through. five stars.
this was a great poem with so much meaing send me a letter and ill have a gr8 feeling
This is exactly what I am going through with my best friend. She said he would never come between us and now she rarely speaks to me. And when she does its all him. She thinks he is god.
this poem is just great it reminds me of my friend lisa because when she goes out with her boyfriend she dnt want to know us but when she isplits up with him she trys to get back into the group of friends so we told her to go and leave us for good i felt nast and betrayed but it was the only thing we could do to stop her using us for nwhen shes got nobody
I really liked this poem. I have been in a situation just like this with one of my friends. I guess you cant really call them my friends now. I encourage you to write more poems because you are just wonderful!
That was really good. I have a friend who's coming to that. I try to tell her the right thing to do and she didnt. I like this poem.
Hmm I really liked this poem. My Interpretation probably isnt the same as yours. but i did touch me :) My best friend is using a lot a drugs. and instead of my hand. he takes the drugs hands. If that makes any sence. and everyone is in front of himtrying to help im, but he chooses not to see.
I really like this poem it reminds me what i am going through RIGHT now. My friend decided to put a guy that she has only knew for a couple months than me who she has knew for 3 or 4 years.
This poem is the best i have heard in a while. Me and my x-best friend just had this huge fight like a week ago and she rather be with a boy that she have known for a couple of months than with her best friend that she has known for 3 or 4 years. Come on!
i like the poem alot better then most i read on poem sites
oh my god, i love your poem . i'm crying so hard right now. my best friend and me have been friends for five years, and when she started dating her boyfriend, i couldn't reach her any more, it was gradual, but i knew we weren't the same any more. i could talk to her with tears in my eyes and beg her to open up to me like she used to, and she wouldn't care. so she just out and told me she didn't want anything else to do with me. i haven't let myself hurt about it until right now. thank you.
OMG this poem is soooo GOOD! i LOVE it! alot of my friends used to say this about me, that i wasnt there because i was with my bf =( in the end i realised he wasnt worth it. and then i went back to my friends for support, luckily they forgave me! i love to write poems, im only 13 (almost 14 hehe) but yeah, i still find it so good to get my feelings out! your poem has INSPIRED me to do so much better. THANK YOU =)
my friend would rather her boyfriend than me her best friend. she'll rater hold his hand than than talk to me or her twin. i sent this to her and maybe she'll see she meens more to me
OMG this poem is so AWSOME. its like exactly what im going through with my best friend. it just seems like her new boy friend is her world and im nothing anymore. i feel ur pain too. im so glad that there is finally a poem about this. iv looked everywhere. i actaully write them myself. but yes this is great. the only this is with me is that i havent yet told her "im no longer reaching" AWSOME POEM!1
i love this poem because this is exactly how i feel right now. i look up to you for writing this. i write poems too. my "bestfriend" is dating my exboyfriend and it just hurts. i feel like i've been replaced by him. but i give this poem 5 stars.
Thanks so much for writing your poem! I'm sorry that you lost a best friend like that. (. It happens to the best of us. If it helps any, I look at it as a way of discovering who your true friends are.
omg-i love ur poem! i know everyone's saying this, but i know what it's like. my bestest friend, who was the only person i could talk to or cry with, got a boyfriend. she promised we'd never lose eachother, but then she chose him over being our friend, and we miss her so bad!
this poem remind me of a friend who was the same way i really liked it and sometimes i didnt understood why but now i see why it was
this poem touched me. its exactly what i'm going through right now, my friend of 17years and best friend for 7 of them years has totally turned her back on me and all her other friends because of her boyfriend. i've read your poem over and over again, its so good!
Well . i finally found the right poem for me, i know how u feel or felt, the same thing happened to me, i lost my best friend who was a girl to this guy i introduced her too, we've been friends for 8 years now then everything just went to crap! Shes now changed and her bf has completley changed as well, it has been an emotionall struggle for me over the past 2 years of me constantly holding onto our friendship when she didn't want to know - obviously shows how much she apreciated our friendship.
Mindy Jo
Awsome poem. written well. Thank you for sharing and know we all feel that way when a friends turns away
this is really good:)
This is the most real and touching poem I've ever heard!
i like this poem b/c it hits home for me. i lost my friend (or X-friend) shea b/c she chosse her boyfriend over me and all of her old friend. now all she has is her boyfriend and if he ever leaves her she will be all alone b/c we wont ever forgive her (we can't trust her anymore)
this poem tells just like my story except its about a man. I cried when I read this . its so true & you made such a good point . about letting go
A very good friend of mine is turning her back on all of her friends and family for a guy who is a psycho control freak. She has so many people who have helped her, given her support and comfort every time this guy upsets her and vanishes for days. But the second he calls . everybody else ceases to exist. It's pathetic. It hurts. it's frustrating and it's time to let her go. This poem expresses exactly how I feel. Thank you.
I love this poem because i could relate to it. This poem is exactly for me and my friendship with someone special.
hi there, that was a really wicked poem! i really enjoyed reading it! hope you come up with some more good ones like that! bye
I just lost a friend who is making some bad choices to be with a guy who abuses her. Your poem really says how I feel towards her. Beautifully done!
thank you soo much for writing that, i have a friend who has done that same thing, completely rude and untouched by her friends' words to get to see what she has become, some one i can not stand, when she used to be a good friend of mine. its funny though, she can turn her back on us so easily on to her bf (who has cheated on her & they have already broken up twice, then got back together)but so can i, but against her and all that i used to remember her for
this poem really touched my heart
Hey I love your poem-My guy friend and I are really tight but he just doesn't want to be anymore than friends-
This poem REALLY touched me in so many ways cause i had a friend who chose her boyfriend over me and i felt like i couldnt be able to get over it cause it really hurt me so thank you for your poem. Love jess
sandy (sis)
Great This one hits home in so many ways
my friend is doin the same thing 2 me. but im still trying 2 b her friend. i no its hard
This poem is true for alot of people, including me. My best friend who I have known basically all of my life, did the same thing to me. i wish all of you luck in finding another to make you feel special.
this is a very true poem . i want to thank you for putting it on this site . it really touched me in a special way . because im going through the same thing with a friend . thank you so much now i know im not the only one who feels this way.
this is awesome!bf's/gf's over friends isn't cool!
WOW! that was sooo incredibly FANTASTIC! keep on writn soon enough you will be a famous poet!
I luved ur poem b-cuz dats wat happened with me n my friend too,n i dont now wat happened we use to be so close too,but she hangs around with other ppl n so do I,so ya,but anyway from a scall to 1 to 10 i so give u an 11!
i loved this poem also, my friend is like that, all she wants to be with is her boyfriend and when he breaks her heart she comes crying back to us
i can't tell you how well that poem was written. i hope i'm not the one that's not reaching out far enough to my friends, too.
I definately know what that's like.
I really like this poem,In a way it's something that is happening to my best friend
I really love this poem! It says everything I need to say to my friend. She has a boyfriend and she used to make time for all of us but now she lies and says she can't do stuff but really she is going out with her boyfriend, it really hurts and I am so glad I found this poem. You did an awesome job putting this all into words.
This poem reminds me of what happend with me and my best friend. it says everything! What happend was that I had a boyfriend and when i broke up with him my best friend got with him like 2 weeks later and it really hurt me! i really did not care about the boyfriend part. i was just trying to warn her that he was bad. but i guess she likes him, i just hope she doesn't regret it because friends are soppose to be there forever but guys usually come and go! i will never see her as my best friend. again! :(
Your poem is great. I am going threw this right now. One of use to be friends decided she would lie and go out with my ex that i cared about so much. it had not been maybe 1 week and she promised she wouldnt. Very good poem its made my day better.
I really like this poem. I can relate to it, as u prolly already quessed. I had a friend that just wasnt there for me as i was for her and what makes it worse is that she really didnt show that she cared towards the end of the friendship. This poem is one of the best poems i have ever read cuz of the way i can relate to it. keep it up!
this poem is really touching, alot of people can really relate to it
I have never related to someone elses poetry as well as i did to this poem.
Hey I love the poem. I was looking for poems to send to a friend i had to let go. She chose her boyfriend over me a friend of 10 yrs. I can relate so much to your poem. Keep up the good work
:) i love your poem. i'm going through just the same thing right now. just like missa, my best friend is a guy. because of his girlfriend, we have to grow apart. i know what you're going through. it's tough just to know that someone so close can be so far so fast. i really like your poem. how's everything between you guys now?
if i said what i feel about this poem, i would just be repeating other people. so all i have to say to the commenters, " i feel the EXACT same way and that your not alone. "
This is a very good poem. I read alot of poetry but react to few. I especially love the first paragraph. Unfortunately everybody goes through the same experience, I felt pretty jilted my best friend did the same thing. But a good thing to keep in mind is that people come in to your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And if you've learned something from your knowing this person, you haven't lost a thing. Keep up the good work!
I LOVED UR POEM! I can relate perfectly to it. My friend (a guy) is all in love w/ his girlfriend, and forgot all about his friends who have always been there for him. I'm going to e-mail this poem to him.
i'v never read such a good poem keep writing!
hi, i love tis poem. my friend was like that and now me too
I like this poem it makes me think about many things and how my life would be if I hadn'ty shown my friend the guy she was with was a lie.
lauren aka bobby
omg im goin thru wit tha same thing. my bf is seein this guy that doesnt deserve her. hes so rude and the argue all the time and hes so jealous. lately i havent talked to her at all. shes my neighbor and i jus now saw her today in weeks. we didnt even speak, thank u so much i love ur poem, u put wat i couldnt say down
I am goin thru the exact same thing except my best friend happens to be a guy and the girl he is in love with treats him so badly- he used to laugh and joke around all the time now all he does is cry-- that is when she lets him go out. he has lost all his friends and I am the last one to give up on him. . . but I cant take the hurt anymore- I love him like no other. . . but I am drivin myself crazy. so in case he gets OL this is for you my Natural Crackhead-Love ya-ALWAYS
this poem says exactly what me and my best friend are going through. she's got a new boyfriend and doesnt seem to care about me anymore. thanks for your words
ThIs PoEm wAs GrEat i really liked it. i can relate to it so much. atually im facin it RIGHT now so i sent it to mah friend-
this poem remindes me of me and my best friend she knows who she is and she knows what shes doing is wrong but he puts stuff in her head and she belives him i just hope she will relize everybody was telling the truth but i think that will only happen after he hurts her
Thank you for writing this wonderful poem! I've recently been that reaching friend and now she is almost alone. It is kinda sad that friends lose sight of who there friends are.
This poem describes a perdicament that i am in, and have been in for the last year just perfectly! Its everything ive always wanted to say to her! I love it!
This poem touched my heart. I had a friend that descided her man meant the world to her, and she said so simply that she didn't have time for friends. A year has past now and she called the other day to tell me that her man and her had split up. What she doesn't seem to understand is that she doesn't even know me anymore.
this poem is so true. i love this poem. jus the begining of last month my friend got her first real boyfriend. she had many boyfriends before but never a high school 1. at the begining of their relationship they hardly talked. now all they ever do is talk and forgotten the frenz thy left behind. my friend somtimes complains dat her frenz don't hang out wit her ne more but wen were der she doesn't care. all da tings we had in common jus disappeared. I'm lucky if i get a chance 2 jus say hi. I'm glad she has a boyfriend i jus want her 2 no dat she also has friends and were important as well as he is. on a scale to 1-10 i rate dis poem an 12
this poem really got to me. ive been thinking alot about my friends. and i think they feel betrayed. i feel like ive forgotten about them ever since i got my girlfriend. this has really made me think about what is more important. maybe its time to call my friends thank you so much
This poem really fits things that are happening in my life right now. One of my best friends is engaged to a really possessive girl and she refuses to let him talk to me. I know exactly what you are going through!
This poem is so great. I have a friend that is choseing a boy over her girls. This guy is worth less.
You speak the pain, the heart, of many. Be encouraged.
Ilove this poem.. i can really relate to this poem. My best friends for 5 years had a boyfriend who really turned her life around to bad. And i really hope that she opens her eyes soon becuz this guy doesn't deserve her, she deserves better.
i luv this poem! its like wut im going through ive done everything 2 help her with her boyfriend but i know hes just using her and she does 2 and im trying 2 talk 2 her about it but she wont listen 2 me and when shes with him she acts like im invisible this poem is exactly how i feel about it
Your poem was so touching that I actually cried! This is exactly how I felt with my best friend,Kim,last year!
I really liked this poem. I am going through the same thing right now. My best friend since me and her were in cribs has found a boyfriend and is now getting married. She never talks to me or even seems to care about me anymore. thanks that poem is really good.
I really like this poem because my best friend, an ex-girlfriend of mine likes this kid and I try to tell her the chances of it working out are very slim and I refuse to support her because I don't want her to fall even further when she sees it can't work. And her other friends too, tell her that she doesn't show care for us, but she shrugs it off and blames us, and she truly is on her own now. And I refuse to talk to her until she forgives me for the mistakes I made.
this poem relates to what i am going through.right know my friend her in hayti met this guy over the internet and she changed all because of him.see she stopped talking to me so like your poem says know that he is gone she is all alone.and know noone is really there for her.and i gave her this poem.
I really enjoyed reading this poem, It goes with my current situation except it's a girlfriend who controls her and won't let her have any friends. I try really hard to shine the light on her of what really is going on, and now I give up, as this happened more than once.
I enjoyed the poem. It expressed the feelings I have towards a girl I was very close to.
this poem fits everything that i am going through. i hope everything works out for you!
It describes everything that my best friend and I are going through. Thanks for writing it.
I wanted to tell you that this is what i am goin threw with one of my really close friends it really hurts me. If you ever need someone to talk to e-mail me at Thanks again Lynne
I was going through this exact situation with friends and this poem related very well.
I love this poem. Me and my best friend just got n a fight and this poem made me feel good. I am so happy that there are good poets
Jill I loved your poem,I have a friend who i dearly love and she also has a boyfriend.She also ignores,us, her friends but i also have to admit when she does leave him and come to us for a while I love it.She knows she is with him alot she says she is going to try to stay with us more, but i know she loves him too much and i just want her and my friendship to turn out like the one you have wrote about.So I just have to say sorry that it happened to you and I hope you find someone else as good as your other friend.
This poem delt with the exact thing i wanted to get through to my friend. THANK YOU!
Thats a great poem and very true.
This was great I have a friend just like yours but she learned that we were the only one here for her.
Jill, I really enjoyed this poem. I've felt this way many times before, funny how our friends don't see what they are doing.
This poem really says it like it is...I too am goin through a very similar situation with the person I considered to be my best friend in the world.. After patiently waiting for 4 months for her to realize her error, I sent her this poem in a final good-bye.
I really know how it feels. My best friend and I use to do everything together. There wouldn't be one weekend that you couldn't find us together. She's been dating someone since Christmas and Christmas was the last time we spent time together. Thanks for sharing your poems with us.
I really like this poem because I can realte to it. My best friend, that I've known before I was born has been seeing this dating this one guy and that's her number one prioritie in her life, she doesn't even care about me anymore and it hurts really bad. I really apptreciated this poem, it was really good.
i once had a frnd that i wished i had this poem to make him know how we felt for him too
You're poem was so good, it pertains so much to what is going on in my life right now. Well, sort of. My friends think that I am deserting them for my Boyfriend. Because we never really talk anymore. But I'm grounded, so it's not like I really actually could talk to them if I didn't have a boyfriend anyway. I don't know, but your poem kind of made me understand. Thank you.
it is a really good poem it reminds me of my best friend
This poem is so easy to relate to and understand. It flows so good ang you want it to just keep going.
I love this poem . Right now I am oging through this wit my best friend who has a new boyfriend and i tried to talk to her about it but she does not care
This was truly superb, held me riveted from beginning to end. beautiful. Thank you Jill :-)
your poem really represents my sad situation.

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