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This is a poem about losing a best friend to shallow jealousy. Keep in mind all that is important to you. If you squeeze and hold on too tightly to your friends, eventually they will release their hold.

Losing A Piece Of My Soul

I came to you the hour I was in pain
Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain.

I shared the many skeletons hiding in my heart,
I knew then you'd be my friend,
I knew it from the start.

Troubles ran like rivers, flowing through my life,
You picked the pieces up and help me through my strife.

When home wasn't home to me no more,
You opened up your heart, and opened up the door.

We cried into night until the early morn.
We solaced each other's pain and shared our many thorns.

As time flew, the air grew thick,
I saw our friendship fading, and my heart grew sick.

The day had arrived,
When it was time to say goodbye.

Now I sit alone,
reminiscing the past I'd blown.
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149 Visitor Comments

i love this poem who ever did it it awesome keep up the great work
blue butterfly
diz poem touched my heart so much,bcoz i lost my friend of wat ive done for her. i hope & i pray dat sUmday we will be OKAY. _.
really it touches my heart
it is so hard to lost a friend. i'm so afraid too loose my best friend cuase i've allready lost so much friends. i really don;t wanna be full of pain again. this is way in this moment i'm crying. i love your poem.
Peniel J
This poem means a lot to mea cause it happened right the way I lost my best friend---due to misunderstanding. thought she wont ever trust me, she shall be my bestest friend until GOD says no. I dont know if u wrote this jus sitting idle or in pain but I would like to Thank u very much for conveying the same feelings in this part of my heart.
this poem is so great and so real!
i just lost mi friend julia. she gets mad a tme for no reason. so now she doesnt want me anymore and she holds mi friend sierra in hostage away from me. i am broken
this poem is so sad it reminded me of my bf that i lost in a drive by she was only 11
hay this has very good and touching u have some taalent
hi i just lost a friend and i miss her so badly we had a big fight over her changing for the bad not the good n she wont text me or anything and that poem means so. thank you
This poem really touched me because I think a lot of people can relate to it. I am going through something similar so I could relate to losing a best friend. It's happened to me a few times before.
i really like this poem because it relates to what had happened to me. I had a bestfriend and then one day she called me and she told me that she didn't wanted to be friends with me anymore. She said not even friends anymore. after the call all i did was cried because i didn't know what to do. All i knew was that things were going to be different.
very good but a littel sad
Hey! My name is Stephane a. k. a The French Prince. I must say that this poem gave me a happy start and it help me alot
i have recently been thru the same sitch, and i no just wat it feels like. this poem touched me deep, and opened up some old wounds that i realise now i need to heal properly, tyvm
this poem really touched my heart i dedicate thiss 2 my friend erika
This is exactly how I feel about recently losing my best friend after nearly 12 years to nothing more than just life, not even death, although it feels like it. Thank you, Melissa
omg! this is the best poem iv ever heard! mainly cuz it sounds exactly like wot happend to myself! i felt i could finally relate to someone that has been through the sort of thing i did! your wrting is beautiful! adelle.
I can say that I can relate my situation now with this poem. It really touched my heart. Actually, I cried when I'm reading this one. Well done! God Bless you
this poem is absolutly true. great job keep up the good work
I know how you feel. I really like your poem.
this poem touched me because i had a friend that past away a few years ago and i got into an argument with her because she had hung out with a girl i didnt like and that day she got into a car accident and well. u know tha rest but other than that this was a hella good poem!
i loved it! i have lost some one really close to me and reading the poem does really make a difference. I'm not much of a talker but reading this poem and thinking of what some people have to go through with loosing some one, it really does make you feel for each and every one.
Losing a friend is hard and painful. My best friend just passaway.
I really like this poem because it has happen to me not to long ago. I make poems to about friendships
I once fell in love with ny best friend. We shared everthing together just as you and your friend had. We knew of this love we and for one another but knew nothing could ever happen due to our situation. But out love 4 eachother burned so bad inside of us. we had plan to grow old together but he faded away and i never knew the real reson why but he killed himself and i was forced to say good-bye. so i know how you feel
this was beautiful also my name is the same as you
It is a very touching poem which I can relate to.
i loved this poem! it really made me think about the best friend i lost. i thought i was the only person alive that was going through and its terrific to know that i am not. for all those others who lost someone. find another friend they could be better than the last!
i think that this poem is amazing!It made me thin of how i messed up in the pased and lost the 2 people that give me a reason to keep going! But when i was reading this i new that i had to get them back(our friends ship because it was lost when i ran away) because they ment so much!
I liked this poem aloooooot and this was the perfect poem for my Novel Project so thanks for writing it.
Really good reminds me of when my friend left me.
Understand Pain
painful memories.
this reminds me of me because to day i lost my best friend because of some girls that like conflict so i know exactly how it feels, it hurts Bye Anonamous
i lost a boy as a friend because he found out that i liked him,and know he is dating a girl he barely knows and i known him for two years,and i try to explain to him why can't we just be friends but he ignores me i cry and and listen to love songs whenever i see and picture of him,and i cried when i read your poem because the memories me and Zachary had are to painful to remember,and even though we were never together he was maybe still is my first love.
this poem reminded me of a friendship i had lost and it was very moving
this poem. man. its so awesome. i bin riting alot but its about society and how im so disgusted with how this worlds run. but this is just. whoah. wow. just wow. you know? l8r
ching chong
well i have to say ur poem was brilliant and it touched me so very much as i have a situation similiar to it marvellous absolutely
I'm from Poland and I was lokking for a poem about friendship on English lesson. Yeah, your poem really touched me. It is so pitiful! I never read so beautiful poem before! It is just lethal! I'm lovin' it ;P
It was very nice and really has a deep meaning. I've just lost one of my best friends because of her boyfriend, and I will never forget the fun times we've had together. I love her to death and i will never turn my back on her. =(. ?But this is a very meaningful poem. Well done.
hey i wud just like to say that i loved this poem ive lost one of my best friends and now we dont even talk anymore i love her so much im so sorry dat i hurt you . i wish she wud talk ta me . this is a great poem and it made me wanna be a better friend thanks heaps love yas luv ash xoxoxoxoxo
its scary how accuratly this describes what happend to me and my best friend. It almost had me in tears. great job
its really a nice poem cause it reminds me of my best friend who tore my heart really sharped.
I lost my best friend through my own fault, and I can really relate to your poem. Thankyou. Although he will always be in my heart i can never have him again, and thankyou for your poem, it helps a little.
i was sad and i was lookin for solace coz i had mentakky tortured my friend,cruelly killed our friendship,drunkenly abused our relation and now i know no matter how mush i am sorry no one can mend our broken friendship . saddest part?? its all my fault! this is a poem that exactly describes my case . i dunno how it does but its my life story. exactly. this is a beautiful poem. at least i know am not the only one whu understands wat am goin thru and how sorry i am. thak u for this wonderful wonderful piece of work. its truly amazing.
I feel this poem. And I feel the metaphors because I have lived this situation.
i feel for you because that happen to me within 3 moths its just sad because when you think there your best friend but then as time go by things came change even if we dont like changes but somtimes it happens
Its Good and Nice poem
wow this is an amazing poem, what else can i say? I'm sorry what happened between u and ur frd but i promise u u'll find sum1 else u could always depend on, and even tho that special friend of urs can never be replaced, you'll move on because i guess tehres nothin else u could do. im so sorry that u feel so much pain and ur title explained exactly how u feel. u felt lk u lose a part of ur soul when ur frd left and that is so completely touching. i hope everything workz out well. take care.
I thought it was fantastic to show your feelings
this sorty rmindes of my friend
I love this poem! I have been really down lately because my best friend and i have been fighting for about a month and i think its all over her new boyfriend cause she backed away when they started flirting it was like she didnt want to tell me so it was easier to back away! Like this poem says, i saw are friendship dying! Neway! It was a GREAT poem!
i liked this poem cause it reminds me of my friend that now has for got about me i am g2 sent her them poem to see what i mean. thank you writer for writein this poem
ddoesnt it suck when that happens?
agreat poem that ihave read
This poem really describes the friendships type i had with my friend. its awsome
i love this poem it made me cry the day i found out that four of my friends were moving in particular there was a special one i really really liked i loved him to pieces and then when i found out that he was moving to another state i cried all that day and that same day two of my other friends moved so i was already was crying and that night i ask him if i could go to his house and say good bye it was about 12:00 and i left at 1:00 am it was the sadest days of my life and i am still really sad to this day the next day i realized that he was really gone and then i thought i will nevern ever get to see him again thats when it hit me hard i cried for three days straight it was horrible
This was such a good poem. I loved it. It really touched me!
I loved your poem. it reminds me of a good friend of mine that i'm losing.
This poem really touched me. it hit home. I lost my best friend in 1992. he committed sucide and I never got to tell him how much I cared about him
hey i agree with everything you said in this poem. i just lost my bf and I regret it. maybe if i didnt talk to her in the beganing i wouldt be felling like this right now. because i read ur letter it made me feel better to kno that some 1 else who feels the same way 2 and im not alone
you did an awesome job with this poem. me and my best friend have been fading away for a long time. i was searching the net for a poem like this. i plan to give it to her. i still love her and always will but i know it's time to let go. please don't stop writing, you rock!
This peom really describes how you cannot truly trust many people you did a very nice job of wording the true pains of "friendship"
i totally respect your poem. and it struck me about somethings. so thanks and good job. :)
michelle ann
this poem touched me because my neices boyfriend just passed away last year and it was on my brothers birthday and it was a hard and long memories that will be with us until the day that i die. thank you for writing this poem i think it will touch alot of peoples hearts!
i love your poem because on Feb 11 of 2005 I lost a close friend in a car accident and i really liked it.
I just lost one of my best friends. She got O. T. and today she went to tell us goodbye and it was devastating. While I searched to this poem I found the exact words that described my pain.
me and josh all the way right now hopefully when I send this to him things will change. luv my lil brother 4 eva no matter what.
I rank it a 9 it's great it brings out many emotins and make people feel like there you. Theres no way I can write like that its so amazing. Great,Amazing,Treffic,Outstanding,theres so many words I can't spell or think of so great to great o - my gosh its treffic peace and keep doing it.
I absolutely loved your poem. It made me think of how quickly and easy it is to screw up and lose my best friend. I love her so much but she won't talk to me. I don't mean to hurt her I just tend to not think before I act. Hopefully I'll figure out how to mend our friendship bak. But I really hope I'm not to late. You are a great writer and I dream to be a writer someday. You are very inspiring so I just want to to know I think you are an amazing writer.
i think this is a great poem the lines go together it touched me and i think that this is more than great like i love poems that or like this one and you made me friends with many more that really did not like me thanx
This is a REALLY good poem. I liked it because it reminded me of what I'd blown. my fault but I'll never tell her.
hiya its da best poem about friendship
This poem has touched my heart because I have recently lost a great friend who has taught me to live and has said goodbye to me without any reason.
i liked it b/c i had a friend we grew up together we done everything together and well one day she got her first real boyfriend when she was 17 and now they are marriend and have a kid and she wont have anything to do with me why i dont know she just quit having anything to do with anyone. this poem just really makes me think about how we use to be.
I relate to this poem because I blew my friendship with my best friend over something petty, and am having a hard time dealing with it. I would like to have her back as my friend, but the stubborness I am faced with is hard to deal with. I made a mistake and have fessed up to it, but there is still something that won't bring her back to me. It wasn't a mistake I made with her, just one in my life that everyone else BUT HER has accepted. This poem touched me, and I have sent it to her. Hopefully it will touch her as well. Thank you.
Great poem! i rate 8 out of 10 : )
This poem dipicts exactly how i feel right now about a once very close mate
i lived your poem, and i'm stilling going through it and it's soo hard for anyone to say goodbye to someone that means soo much to them and have been there for them for soo long and then just have everything fall out of your life and that person that means the most to u be gone i thought your poem was well written brilliantly emotional and if u have any more like this i hope u send it to the website so i can read it again
i like this poem. its touching. i made a few poems myself. especially since i lost my very "good" best friend. :-( it has that SOMETHING in it and i like it alot
I loved your poem, it explains everything i am going through. It touched me greatly
this poem toched me because something of this sort happened to me a few days ago i feel empty and devoid. This poem is excellent!
It's so beautiful and touchimg i just loved it.
It is very touching and certainly very meaningful. It can melt any heart and fix friendship in no time. It is one among those that are cherishable.
even though i'm just a student, choosing poems for a school project, i thought about my friend ship with my very very very best friend, The Genius(her nickname) and even though we are best friends, we always have arguements. now she wants to break our best-friendship, and just be normal friends. i dun want to. she's tooooo good of a friends to lose. it's all my fault, and i don't know how to mend it. it's hard. :( i wish i could mend it. i hope The Genius would forgive me. Jasmine, i want to be a good poet like you when i grow up. although i want to be an actress. your poem touched my heart, and i can't wait till i read more of ur fabulous, fantastic poems!
I think this poem is awesome! I come back and look at it all the time. It really describes the things I am going through in my life right now with my best friend. It helps think clearly about the situation when I start freaking, and it keeps me from saying this I will regret to her.
i really liked your poem. it really touched me. i lost my best friend two and half weeks ago. i have been looking on the internet for something like this and i found it, i write stuff myself but i couldnt write one about her becasue it owuld hhave been too hard.
hey. i really liked your poem. you have a talent for expressing your feelings through writing. i know what it's like to lose someone you love. i lost a close guy friend in a car crash. it has been 2 years, and i still haven't clued in and realized that he isn't here anymore. keep writing and don't give up. you have a great talent.
You have a really good talent in writing, dont give up
This poem touched me, i really felt what you were saying. for a really long time i tried to describe how i felt about losing my friend and ur poem did this. Thank you
I love this poem. It made me remember all my friends that I met over the summer that I won't get to see until summer comes again.
You know. This poem just really hurt me. I just reminisce the times that we we're like sisters. Real sisters. But then. I blew it all up. Like, in a short time. BANG! It's all over. I didn't know what I did wrong but they started to do threats. They say insults and everything to me. In a short notice. She was the worst enemy I could have. That she was like a time-bomb that could explode in any minute and tell of my secrets. I do not know what to do. Life is so cruel.
Your poem was really touching I know how it feels I had a friend and we had been best friends for 11 years ever since I was 3 and she was 2,then last year we went our seperate ways and left the special bond we shared behind we grew up and grew out of each other and the worst part is we see each other everyday at school and we don't even greet each anymore.
nice poem and i like it
i love this! i love it very much.
this poem is fantastic, everything in the poem is exactly what i have just gone through it has helped me come to terms with losing a really close friend thankyou
It was a great poem. It talked about some of the same things that I am going through right now
this poem is so sad and touching. i had a friend who recently commited suicide and this peom really touched me. you are very talanted. thamkyou ofr creating this poem
Shana Dean
This was a really good poem but sometimes we can't blame ourself for things that happen. Sometimes they are just meant to happen
that poem just reached out to me and it really dscribed what i went through when my best friend moved
It is such a wonderful poem! Jasmine,you are a talented writer!^^
This poem relates to how i feel cause me and my bestfriend got in a fight a while back and we still aren't talking and i know that it is mostly my fault why we aren't talking right now i hope someday we will speak again.
Good Job.
This has totally just happened to me today and I feel like crap. I don't know what to do but your poem has helped me and I feel a bit better. I love reading and writing poetry so keep it up.
Wow your poem is so true. I had a friend for 13 years but things changed and I haven't spoken to her in a couple of years now. I would do absolutely anything to get our friendship back but I know that it could never possibly be done. I love your poem and you're really talented!
This is so sad. It reminds me of my best friend jennifer. I blew our friendship last year. I still can't help but remember our many nights that we share. your such a great poet.
This is so true. Im going to email this to a friend that I lost because of pure jelousy. Ive called and called but she wont return my calls, and i dont blame her. Shes going off to war on the 6th of Jan, and all I wanna say is. IM SORRY CHARMAINE.
touched me. with in. deep with in.
i can relate to the poem because my best friends are moving away and we were close but know our friend ship is fading away
i love this poem! its really good. when i read it, it made me think about the friend i'd jus lost. i ditched her 2 b popular and when i came back she told me it was over. ne ways thanks 4 writing this poem, it helped me thru a bad time
This poem is so sad. That happened to my friend Danielle and I. yOU'RE VERY TALENTED.
This is a great poem. I now see that I should let go, and just let them be. I hope no one has to go through the type of pain I am right now. Do you think we'll ever be friends again??
This is a great poem to me and means a lot. I have now thought of my frienships more carefully and made sure that I have friends that I can trust.
i luv this poem cuz it is sooo true. I understand it completly and it sums up all my feelings in one. GREAT POEM:-)
I think this poem is a reflection of my current situation and this is truly how I feel but can't express it. I thank you for this because I now understand what I am feeling. A friend lost is never easy but sometimes some people have to go. The tension otherwise would be incredibly unbearable.
I read your poem and i started crying. It was so true and the day before i read the poem my freind and i decided to stop being friends. I really didnt like the idea of it but it seemed necassary. I just wanted to tell you that i put this in my homepage but i gave you full credit for it. You deserve it because you are a wonderful writer!
that poem was great! i've written my(best friend) poems before, they were great just they weren't goodbye poems and today i had to say goodbye because she just quit being with me because of my boyfriend (i spend too much time with him) so she says. she quit looking at me when i tried to talk to her, she basically quit caring. she tells other people that she don't even care about me no more, and then she becomes a friend to my face, so i'm tired of still trying to go between her and him and she talks behind my back anyway so thank you for helping me out with that poem it was exactly what was going on in my life. keep writing your great!
Hey,i think this poem was great. It just reminded me of a good friend that i had and that it faded away. We were so close,i use to cry because i had alot of problems i was having and he would always be there for me,but not anymore. ANYWAYS this poem was great =)
This poem expressed exactly the way i feel. I can really relate to the way you feel.
it wuz really touching cuz now i know i am not alone and it helps alot cuz its really hard to get thro this without sum1 to help u
Wonderful! its really touched my feelings.
i absolutely loved the poem! it totally relates to how i held my former best friend too tight. i only recently found out that i was right to do so, but the poem made me see just how bad i messed up back then.
*this poem really touched me. Our friendship with my bestfriend faded because of my misdoings. and I have to set her free.*
This poem was really good. I lost my best friend almost a year ago over jealousy.I have a new best friend now and I'm trying to avoid the jealousy thing and when i read this poem, it really helped me a lot..thanx =)
This is a very real thing for me!
Thank you for this poem-i relate with it too much. Its hard i know but struggle on and eventually things will get better (i hope) :)
that was wicked!
Hi I love your poem at the time my best friend and I are having problems. This is the perfect way ro tell her how I feel.
wow.that was a beautiful poem. it remindes me of how close my friends and i were. but that was last year. its hard to believe how fast we split..just because we grew up and found new friends. i miss them so much. this really describe my friendship with them. keep on writing!
hEY THERE Your poem is very nice keep up the good work
This was one of teh best poems about a lost friendship that i have ever read. I really liked it. I hope that Jasmine writes more poems like this, she has a natural talent for writing poetry.
I liked this poem alot. I describes exactly what i feel. It reminds me of my life where i lived before this. (my good life)
I was moved by the poem.
I thought the poem was really moving and described what I had with someone once. It was just beautiful.
"Losing A Piece Of My Soul", really hit something deep inside me. I haven't spoken to my best friend from high school (graduated-99')for almost a year now. I have written many poems before, but i could never write about her. Our friendship ended in jealousy and to our disadvantage, we were both very stubborn. This poem made me cry harder than i have cried in a long time. I do miss her, and i will always love her, but things will just never be the same. I found her e-mail address (hopefully it's the same one) and e-mail this poem to her. I just want her to know that I still think about her, and thanks to you maybe she will.
I really liked you poem it was really good. =)
This poem is really sweet and means alot to me.
This poem has touched me. When my husband and I married 6 years ago we were so close. Now he has drawn apart and taken away the closness we once had. He never understood the true meaning of friendship. I amd giving him a copy of this poem and hopfeully he will understand how I feel.
I saw my friendship fading so I sent this poem to my Best friend. We both cried at the thought of sying goodbye! And because I sent her this poem we are still Best Friends! (maybe we're even closer now)
this poem really relates to me and my bestfriend. because of my jealousy, i lost her. i still regret that day and wish we were still close. but no matter how hard it is to let go, i guess i have to move on.
Absolutely beautiful...
I thought it was beautiful. The words were what I wanted to say but couldn't great poem.
that wa a very good and interesting poem. it brought me and one of my friends really close. now were going out. thankx

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