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Betrayal of a friend's feelings, whether intentional or not, can rip friendship apart, and leave both feeling empty. I hurt someone I care about very much, and the pain was too great for her to bear. Her friendship is like a shooting star flaring briefly across the heavens, a moment in time that I will treasure forever. Maybe, with time, the garden where our friendship grew will blossom again. Do I respect her wishes and never talk to her again, or do I try to make things right? I don’t know. Until I figure that out, this poem is my emotional release.


An echo fades into the night,
an eerie mournful sound.
A shooting star disappears from sight,
and I crumble to the ground.
There is no life within this garden;
my sobs are the only sound.
I have poisoned the honeyed fountain
where your love could be found.

Dazed, I stare at the stars above,
my grieving howls fill the night!
Unintended betrayal of love
has hidden you from my sight.
I remember how it used to be
when we shared our fears and delights.
You are a treasured friend to me.
How can I make things right?

Feeling afraid, cold and lonely,
I long to tell you how I feel,
but you don’t want to hear me.
The pain for you is much too real.
Should I back away and build a wall
and block away how I feel?
Or, should I give you a call?
We both need some time to heal.

An echo fades into the night
as our friendship disappears.
How do I know what is right?
How can I ease my fears?
If I do call you again,
would the old wounds reappear?
I can’t stand to cause you pain.
Hurting you again is my worst fear!

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this one's currently happening to me. she started it first. I felt betrayed and our friendship flew farther and farther away. She used to be my bestfriend. now. i dont know what she is to me.
WOW! This poem is like me and my friend fought. I do not wish to do that to my friend anymore. So NICE! P. S. This is really my favorite poem. It is so touching.
I looked at this poem because I was searching for a poem that would express the way I feel right now, and when I found this one, I had a case of the Mondays, or as it's really called, I started to cry.
This poem is really great. this is how i felt when me and my best friend got into a fight.
It is a wonderful poem!it makes our just broken friendship due to some mishappenings a new beginning. And eventually makes it even more stronger
this inspired me very much me and my friend need to take a moment to think about this an our friendship.
Love this poem. It really touches my heart. I know what it is like. I just lost a friend of mine to something like this. Thank-you and keep on writing.
This is a wonderful poem! i just lost my own best friend because she thought that i was too "uncool" *mutters words under breath*. So ya! GREAT POEM DUDE!
this poem really thouched me. i can really realate this poem to me and my best friend.
it was beautiful and it made me feel for the narratior of the poem.
i liked this poem bcoz it put in the same words dat i was looking for. i think iv just lost the best frndship in my whole life. dats y it touched me. its feelings bond mine too!
That was awesome. personally, I have pretty much the same problem. My friend and I had a big-shot a while ago. Well i was real mad . buh i dunno anymore. buh well. i dont think i will go bac cuz well. a space kinda created cuz she found herself a guy, to which she doens't admit is the reason to cause a change in out relationship. Anyhow. it was lovely. said a lot. i was searchin poems on betrayal. buh honestly. i have agony to present in a very hateful manner. So yea. u show quite much of love in your friendship. ive had many problems. uhh. so. well my advice wud be if you wanna talk. wait a while man. cuz space and time are things that turn the coldest love into sorrowful hate. SO ya. tc. eZZzz.
This poem reminds me of my friendship and how my friend betrayed me. I would never betray my friend but what my friend did to me was painful. The worst part is I still have to face her everyday in school. Every time I see her, the painful memories and all the happy memories that makes what she did even more painful flood back and I just can't stand it. I want to say something but I don't know if I should. I don't know what she'll say to me. I don't know what will happen. That makes me scared. I can't face her and yet I have to. Everyday I see her is one more time that I have to suffer. Every time I see her I always wonder why she would do such a thing. Yet I'm afraid to ask her, for what she might say might stab me in the heart, again.
it was a great poem and it touched me because i lied to my BEST friend and know she acts like im not even there i miss her so much and know i did her wrong but dont under stand why she wont give me another chance i dont know wat to do call her or leave it alone so basically this poem shares my life or at least a BIG part of it! THANK YOU* ps beatiful poetry why did you write it?
your poem means every thing to me. you see, i did this horrible thing to my dearest friends, the few girls i trusted ,they meant the world to me! i cant believe that i had done such a thing! they hated me for weeks. and now they just ignore me. when i see them laugh i wish i was there. but now i know i'll give them each a copy of your poem. and they'll know how sorry i am. ! GREAT POEM!
just one word. WONDERFUL!
I particularly like the poem cause I can relate with the writer. Presently I am going thru the same feelings of shame and hurt having hurt a friend I love so much. It's so real for me - the poem.
I really loved your poem, it reminded me of all of the poems I have written about a friend I lost; that I pushed away. It helps me out of the gloom when I see someone else writing about something. kindof along the lines of what I am going through.
this poem is much to real cause it sums up everything that has happened to me in the past few days. I like it
I love this poem! My 2 best friends in the whole world did that to me and this poem realy says what it feels like! They left me to go hang out with people who hated me then they told me what they had said and they said some really mean things about me and that was betrayal!
i really liked this poem and the thing is that i had just went threw it i lost my one and only best friend last night over nothing and now i dont know what to do with me or the problem and so what i am trying to say is that this poem helped me express some of the same feelings as when you wrote it to and i am thankful ashley
this poem is beautifully sad, and i understand how true it is.
i would never send this to any of myk friends b/c they seem to be the only backstabbing people around me. is that what friends are really for?!?!
i guess am voting becouse once i had the same problem,raeding this poem made me feel. well,a very strange feeling. each word remindes me of my past. about me and my old friend and how we used to be. so happy. so friends. and it also remindes me how we became apart. cause of my stupid,couse i didn't call her number. and i watched our friendship fade away
This is an Awsome poem.
this poem was really good for a one to ten i would give it an eight
i think that this poem is very good for friends who betrayed each other for a very long time.
i just lost my bestfriend and i didnt want it to end but it did and your poem really touched me.
Well said. Wish I could express myself that well
I can;t believe that the feelings that I ahave trapped inside of me cxould be put into words so beatifully. Thank you for setting me free.
I have just lost my best friend because I was falling in love with her.
10 is my rank to your poem, i feel betrayed because of my best friend. i thought im lucky because i knew she was there beside. but she lied to me. i trusted her so much. so this pain would kill me now. i dont know, what will i going to do.
it was a very nice poem. i think many people can relate to your poem. Good job.
I love this poem! It reminds me of things iw ent through! or am going through!
this was a real well written poem. u put across wat i wanted to say thank u
this poem really touched me, you spoke all my feelings with four verses! my mate and i arn't talking at the moment and this has really helped me put things in perspective. thankyou!
I love this poem! I feel it really toched me. Good job!
I kindda going through the same pain and when I read this poem it helps me ease the pain. Please keep writing these wonderful poems. thanks
your poem was really good and i enjoyed it alot!
This poem is awesome. My friend and me really need some time to heal up . Your poem encouraged me that there could still be life. Thank you so much!
this song truely touched me cuz of the fact that i jsut lost a really good friend and that all my friends are leaving me for there boyfirends and it is jsut really depresing me to a maximmum extent. they have been my friedns forever and they just ditch me so ya ur poem is a really great peom and it is like talking about every1s life that has been hurt by a freind.
Dear Dan, You are a very gifted poet and you have touched my soul like so few have in this life time. There are no coincidence but there are magical gifts from God and theres is angels and you are certainly one of them. If you ever read this note you will know that Mary is at work and you will know that a friend is ready to hear your friendly voice. I'm in Gatineau now. God Bless You my Forever precious Friend! Mireille XXXX
wow ! i love this poem.
good job! this is a great poem! yes like you said in your poem betrayal is the worst they can do to you in a friendship!
Amazing. It's simply amazing. It seems to match up perfectly with the story of one of my ex-friends and me. After betraying me and losing my friendship, she actually stole this poem and claimed that she wrote it. Giving me this poem actually led to months of her stalking me, but I only recently found out that she had plagiarized the poem. But it was way too good anyway for it to have been written by her. I loved the style, I loved the content, I loved the wording. You are a terrific poet.
I think this was also very moving. I remember hurting someone I cared about very deeply and regretting it. It was such a movong poem.
This pain has happened to me before, so I know what it's like. I want to tell this boy how I feel and he pushes me away, and old woulds appear, but I just want to pour heart out and he doesn't want to hear it! It Hurts so much anywayz. This Poem kicks so much heinie, and it makes me keep reality in check. Keep up the good work!
GEEZZZ! Talk about what I'm going through! Sighhh.
I like this poem!. me and my best friend just got into a huge argument over a stupid mistake i made and i dont think she will forgive me even though i tried so hard and dont wanna lose her because me and her have 2 many memories and it wood have been a waste of time and im soo srry for what i did to her! i hope me and her can become best friends again. and for anyone out there please think of ur bestfriend before u do sumthing!. guys or anything else isnt worth losing ur best friend over!
i really liked that poem it really touched me
I have been fighting with a friend and this poems says exactly what I've been trying to say to her without being so blunt to hurt her feelings.
i love this poem,also do u have a web site of where dan has a autobiography
its honest, and filled with real feelings
I simply loved this poem because it is really touching and emotional.
well this poem touched me because this is how i feel about my exboyfriend. I feel really bad that i hurt him, and he now whats nothing to do with me.
hits home. thank you for putting my feeling into words
It was good. The wording was also good. I can relate.
It has happened 2 me in the past everyone has gone though it.
I loved the poem, although it makes me sad cuz i lost my bes friend and it was mostly my fault, but I totally love the Poem!
I think this poem is written entirely from the heart, this poem is much more than just words. I admire that the author did such A good job expressing his feelings. WELL DONE!
I really loved this poem. Last night I made a stupid decision that hurt one of my best friends. this poem really touched me and made me think a lot about it all
Wow, it explains my friend's and my situation. Amazing.
This poem touched me in a way, no one will ever know. My life is this poem at the moment, and I wish I could turn back time but I know I can't. Tears came flooding down my cheeks by the first word. This is the poem I needed to read and I thank you for pulling it out of your soul for all in the world to read someday. This one poem has truly inspired me. It has given me the comfort of knowing that there are other people out there who feel exactly like me and who have gone through what I am. I thank you from the bottom of my heart; and I thank God that I decided to look up some poems on the internet because I would have never found this one. Thank you.
i love this poem. it really touched me. its so true. i also like how it all rymed. i love ryming poems. it just makes it all fit. THIS POEM ROCKS!
once your friends with someone and you have a good friendship then you meet someone else that dont like your other friend but this other boy or girl is cool and you wanted to be there friend and they told you that you cant be friends with me unless you drop that other person because I dont like them well then if that happens then you need to tell them to go somewhere because you are always going to be there friend hurting someone because one of your other friends dont like them is not a good idea because it could turn around on you that you drop your bestfriend for the other dude and then a few days later the other person says your a dork I dont want to hang with you anymore then what will you do you lost your imitation friend and the friend that should mean the most too you so this poem is a good poem if your trying to teach a lesson to someone about hurting others
It's so true
this is a great poems and it has a lot of meaning i think u could be a great writer if u chose to do it professionally
this pome is very true and i think that if you feel that way then you should do what your heart tells you to do. good job in the pome it has alot of meaning to it!
this was one of those poems that help you feel the truth. some thing like this happened to me. except the other person hurt me. It took me six years to cope around her! but now we are at peice with each other and she respects me. so if your having problems with friends don't let it effect your life. because even though you may not relise it now it really hurts!
I once have a friend when iwas in grade 6. But she once talk behind my back, so, from that day, we do not talk nor saying hello to each other. She once say hello to me but i didnt greet her back. And now i didnt know if how long it will take for us to become friends again.
I think this poem was so incredibly true to what alot of teenagers are feeling especially. Us teenagers treasure friendship and when there lost . its like loosing a piece of all you know. GREAT POEM!
this is a great poem, i wish i could be as creative as the maker of this poem. This poem hits so close to home on so many people and so many levals its almost scary.
This was amazing and so true - I vote you !
Personally, this poem touches me as it is exactly how I feel at the moment. My best friend, how we shared everything, and it ends with betrayal. And me hoping our friendship will rebegin. It is absolutely amazing how you express all this in a poem. Thank you so much Dan for sharing this with us.
I loved this poem. It went to the deepest place of my heart. I recently lost my best friend and this poem says exactly how things are right now. i'm not gonna lie, this poem brought tears to my eyes. I respect the author very much for writing this poem. Its an awsome poem. I wish the author well.
I hope my friend doesnt go to this website. because i think that our friendship is falling apart. she doesnt call me, she hangs out with the people who HATE me, i just think that the time has come where she just got bored of me. well, I LOVE your poem i give you a 10.
i'm in tears right now . your poem touched me deeply. i just had a terrible falling out w/ my best friend . he hurt me like the person you discribed in your poem. i know he feels like this and is sorry but the pain is to real. Your poem was really really beautiful i hope you reconcile w/ this person. it's horrible looking to the future w/out him. thank you for the beautiful words that touched me so deeply.
AWESOME! I can relate to your poem so much it's unbelievable, except with my bestfriend,it's reversed. I know you don't know me,but I think you should totally make up with your friend no matter what she said, because the chances you have at finding a good bestfriend ever again are one in a million. Think about it.
This poem really touch me because in my classroom we just lost a classmate and we are only in the 8th grade. And that poem really touch me.
This poem is extremely heart felt. One reason why I like it is because it reminds me of my style of writing. It has been a while since I focused on my writing. I do miss it, this poem reminds me. Friendship is so important to us. The baring of ones soul is a deeply intimate love to give someone. A leap of faith, a cast of dreams to come. Memories imagined of sharing desires, fears, love, joy and spirituality in it's purest form. This beautiful poem captures the pain of a friendship gone wrong. Mistakes made and the reality of the truth of knowing that you yourself breeched the trust of a beloved friend. A penetrating expression of your deep feelings for your lost friend.
little bo peep
I know exactly how you feel. i have hurt a very dear friend of mine and i don't think that i can make it up to him. I have broken his heart and now i have broken my own by doing it. He can never understand how i feel as it is too complicated. your poem is very touching and it made me realise what kind of person i am. thank you for making me realise.
good job writing the poem!. really makes me think! again, good job
I really,really loved this poem and i would like to dedicate it to my suppose best friend that hurt me so much!
i thought this poem was very touching and very genuine, i myself have experienced broken friendships and i hope that yours can be mended. very enjoyable to read
This poem really hit home with me. i know what its like to lose a friendship that means so much to you. but luckily i got my back but now i wonder if i was right in the beginning. anywayz i loved this poem. it really shows true emotion.
Every word felt like it came from my heart.
this poem is. wow. it made me cry. it said everything i really needed to say but just didn't know how to say. knowing that i wasnt the only person that had ever betrayed someone and was hurt by themselves was just the thing i needed. it really made me feel better. thank you so much for writing this poem and posting it.
i think it is a really gd poem that shoul be published
i have a neighbor that helped me get into a house, and after 2 months, she came down here and wanted to have a sexuall relationship only. at first, that was fine w/me,but soon i fell totally in love with her. she said she wasn't wanting a "relationship" because she had just been thruogh a very bad marriage. but now, just a couple months later, she stopped coming here and has found a boyfriend, and it really hurts to see her with him. these poems say what i cant say, and i want to thank you for that.
This poem expressed my feelings amazingly. I sent it to my dear friend. I hope this poem touches his heart and we are together again. I too am torn apart- Should I respect his wishes and stay away or try and salvage our friendship. I'd give the poet 5 * for this poem. Thank you.
this poem really got to me because i just lost one of my best friends. your poem was well written and i can relate to it so well. thank you for being a wonderful writer.
This poem is exactly how i feel and how life is right now she betrayed me and i want to make it right this is a freat poem GOOD JOB
this poem is very educative to every young man in love. because young men are victims of bitrayal.
This is an awesome poem. I've been having some problems with my so called "bestfriend" and this poem explains exactly how we are rite now. And now i know i'm not the only one who feels like that!
I really love the poem you wrote. It is what is going on in my life right now.
i lvoed your poem it was very powerful and crafted beautifully :(
I loved this poem it touched my heart so much because just yesterday I was lied to and then ditched by one of my closesed friends and this poem really show how much you can care for someone even when they hate you.
u r rite. same things happen to me oso
I was looking for a card and this one was exactly what I was thinking. I love it. I needed to show feeling and TRUTH! Thank You! Jeri
damn good poem. i can relate sooo much too it too, keep up the good work
The poem was great. I'll love to read more of your poems.
i love this poem every said is right now happenig to me
feel for this poem - too much of a truth in it. I'm voting for it, even if I'm - on the "other side" - like her, not him.
I loved this poem!
I thoguht it was amazing i loved it so much! it made my mouth drop how u put my emotions about losing my bestfriend into such beautiful words!
I found your poem at a time when my friendship of a lifetime was on the rocks. i betrayed all rust she ever had in me and never wanted to see me or talk to me again. i found your poem and gave it to her in a very long letter i wrote to her. and today we went out to have dinner at our favorite resturant. i just want to say thank you, you poem saved my friendship.
I believe this poem is truly inspirational and i feel like i was there I would give it an "A". Great job!
I loved your poem, i think mainly because i can relate. I too betrayed one of the best friends that i have ever had and everyday i wish so much i can turn back the hands of time. There is no other person that understands me and knows me like my ex-best friend does, and if I had one wish in all my life, it would be to go back and do things differently. What hurts even more is that i have noone to talk to freely about my problems and what im going through and i wish for once i had the chance to make things better.
I like this poem a lot! Lately I've been in a big fight with my best friend of about 5 or 6 years. I don't really know what to do. I feel like I've hurt her and this poem made me think about it more. Dan thank you. I hope you keep writing more poems like this one.
So very true. I know exactly how the writer is feeling.
hey i know i voted for you like 100 times but i love your poem
your poem brings me joy and i feel like i'm dreaming you make me feel good by the way i loved your poem that is why i voted for you
I Think This Is A Really Good Poem It Describes Some Peoples Emotions When You Break Up With Someone. Or You Try And Become Friends. Or Even When You Try And Tell The Person You Like Them And They Dont Like You.
This is an inspiring poem. It says everything that I've been needing to say to someone. Hopefuly, him seeing your words will finally let him realize what I've been seeing for a while. Anthony, if you see this, know that I love you and care. We are drifting and you know it. I couldn't stand to lose you. Even if we're only frineds, you mean the world to me.
It is a touching poem and I like it.
that was great!
I don't know where to start. See I had this friend who called me one day and was like "don't every call me again" cause I hurt here. This explains it all. I sent this poem to her hopen it will give an insight into how I feel. Thank you for expressing what I could not. Thank you, u don't know what this means.
I think your poem is great. Your words touched me.
i really liked your work! i can really relate to it! good work! congrats!
That was the most touching thing i've ever read. Your writing is beautiful. Keep it up
Awsome Poem I Felt Like That When I Lost My Cloesn't Frined That I Ever Had.
i really loved your poem. I had the same thing hapen to me and i also did not knoe what to do. you are an awsome writerand keep it up
I read this poem and must say, it says every word, every feeling I have for I lost the love of my life, to another
This poem is bringin my friend ship really close together again thanks for the incouragement it meens alot to me
I really liked this poem a lot, it described something that has been going on between me and someone I deeply care about and miss. I just wish I could make everything better and call her
I love your poem, I lost a real good friend and I don't know if she willever speak to me again.
This was a wonderfully written poem and I really enjoyed it. Keep writing poems!
This is a nice poem, i like it.
i think this poem relates to me and my best friend. she is changing and i feel like i lost a part of me.
its beautiful
Wow Dan, it's such a beautiful poem i was even seading a tear! It also sounds like the work of my friend from college. It really made a differenc to me, thank you.
Anything I could say about the last two stanzas would be an uderstatement, so I will leave it at that.
I just wanted you to know that this poem was great! It reminds me of my old high school friend, her name is Kelly, she was my bestest friend for quite some time and I was in the wrong, and hurt her inside. I will never forgive myself for making her feel like I did. And if she ever reads these poems, i want her to know that I love her very much, and I would give anything to have her in my life again.
How so true. Never have i read ANYTHING so fantastic. respect to you should be given.
This poem has such a great meaning. And i love it. Its such a great poem. Good Job
This poem is WONDERFUL I have been on the opposite side and it made a difference on how I see that person now. Thanks!
your da best
this is a really cool poem although i havent lost any friends i can still relate. i have this weird conncetion to sad and gloomy things, not to mention frightening things. so tthat why i relate to situations like this.
I love your poem! I can so relate to this poem. you really did a wonderful job writing it.
This is a great poem. It really makes u think about everything in ur life and how much ur friends mean to u.
i see why this poem struck me so hard. it's exactly how i feel about what happened between me and my friend.
That is just one great poem.
Great Poem-Hit the spot
i loved it.
this poem was really nice. It reminded me of something I did to my besfriend. Dan you really have talent.
I love this poem! It fits just whats going on now between me and my best friend. Although I'm not the one that betrayed her. We were BEST BEST friends, non-separatable until one day. It'll be two weeks from tomorrow. We had an arguement, an arguement that will change our friendship forever. We will no longer be best friends, but maybe friends. Thanks for writing this poem because I love it.
Its a very realistic and healing.
i love the poem
i dont usually like poems that use other objects to describe things, ie shooting stars, weather etc. but yours i think is excellent and yet again so like my own life that at the moment i am finding hard to deal with. i had a friend. lets just say i dont anymore. thankyou x
i really like this poem. it made me think of a friend i have lost. she was once my best friend and now we dont even talk. she hurt me really bad, but never understood becuase she is so involved in herself. i cant stand the way she treats me. this poem made me think, if i should confrount her, because i did betray her aswell, as a result of how she hurt me. and did not care.
It just pulled numerous strings. The pain of betrayal and the betrared never fades. Pranams to that great hand that penned it.
really touched me, thx 4 making me relise that wat i did to my own friend was wrong.
i think that this poem is a great poem and it relates to me and my best friend as he is a guy
this poem hit really close to home iam not really a poet or anything but a friend reccomended this site to me and this poem caught me eye and it is exactly what is going on in my life right now. thanx i love this site!
Ya I loved the poem I really can relate to it and I know some other people who can too This is a great poem and I think you should send it to your friend if you relate to it.Its a great way to express how you feel. ; )
I really enjoyed your poem, I sent it to a friend that I betrayed I love her so much and I hope she forgives me.
Oh, man, this poem is soooo beautiful :)
i think that the poem is real good .i have felt that for a friend before ..i new that i heart the really bad but i never knew what to do i love your poem cause it can relate to other people and myself!
i love it. it is really sensitive and it touches the heart. good work!
It really hit home
Ithink the writer of this poem deserve to win. I can totally understand what he is feeling right at this moment. I am going through the same thing with my cousin Dana we had a disagreement and she hasn't spoken to me in two years. Good luck
Wow, If any1 has ever had a good friend who they know they have really hurt deeplY(I have)You know that this poem is a great way to express that
Your poem is grate i love it. I had a friens and about 1 year ago we broke up and it just remmied me of my best friend i miss her so much nad she told me that she cant be freinds with me because her mom said but i feel like i made her turn away from me well any why i hope evry thing turns pout for you the way u want it to YOUR POEM IS VERY NICE
I love this poem.
This poem is very strong it reminds me of when my very best friend, who meant the world to me turned around and backstabbed me!
Hi I think that this poem is great but I'm the one who was betrayed by not only one but 8 people if only they had thought like you had
This poem is really moving. It really has sense in it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS POEM TO EVERYONE!!!
this poem is really good and can I tell the truth. it is really true that it takes only a few seconds to open a profound wound in people we love but it takes many years to heal it.
this is very beautiful poem it expresses my feelings exactly thank u author
Thank you for ths poem. It really spoke to me in my time of loss of my best friend whom I love so dearly.
This poem is really really good. i just lost a friendship with my best friends dad because i lied to him. It is perfect for me. Thankyou
I think this poem is very effective. It gives of the feeling that you are sorry for what you did, and you aren't sure if you should try again. I think you explained how betrayal feels very well.
This poem had an eerie way of hitting home. The author somehow knew how I have been feeling. Poetry has a way of helping with the healing, by opening your eyes to a light you never saw before. This poem helped me deal better with my emotions & I think that anyone who has been hurting inside by a friend should read this poem. It was beautifully written & although it brings out pain, it helps put a Band-Aid on your wound.
i like this poem alot because it just about tell me and my hurt that i wrote in one of my own.
Remarkably stunning!
Good usage of words, but you shouldn't of draggged your poem out so much at the end.
I loved this poem. The author is very talented. Thank you for this gift of heartfelt words
i just loved it with all of this elegant sense of guilt
I used this poem to give it to a friend because that was exactly how I felt.Thankyou so much.Your poem is absolutely great!
its good
Great poem, send me more!
It makes me think about a friendship i had until the begining of this school. I wish she would listen and try to work things out. I only hopw when i go back to colorado and try to talk to her that she will listen and try to mend the wounds. Thank you for this poem to remind me of how much i miss having her as a friend and hope to mend it.

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