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It is about the metamorphosis of love, where one's soul seeks for the serenity that does not seem to exist, but will always leave the souls of this world unknowing and knowing to its absurdities. It is a poem where one finds worth in oneself.

Morpho Maria

when you break the cocoon
to examine my fears
you'll find a chrysalis
of my camouflaged tears

you'll carve out my breast
that shelters my heart;
your touch will trace
love's circulating chart

you'll cut out my tongue
that articulates my voice;
you'll pilfer truth
from lovers' choice

when you decipher the shell
to unwind my strife,
you'll find spinning threads
of my metamorphic life

you'll blind my eyes
to forget the love;
you'll shroud the iris
from the heavens above

you'll inhale the scent
that inflames my blood;
you'll steal the fragrance
from love's transient flood

when you dissect the worm
to witness my metamorphosis,
you'll unveil a butterfly
of love's analysis

you'll deafen my ears
to obliterate your verse;
you'll suppress the music,
serenading curse

you'll probe into my mind
to extricate my brain;
you'll wash my heart and soul
of love's indelible stain

when I dissect this worm
to grasp love's force
I'll find a butterfly
who perceives her course

when I decipher this shell
to fathom the life
I'll find a butterfly
who survived her strife

when I break this cocoon
to realize the birth
I'll find a butterfly
who knows her worth

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5 Visitor Comments

I think it is a beautiful poem and really well written
I love this poem! I feel inspired. I agree, she should submit more poems!
it's very inspirational. she should submit more poems.
Hi Joanna! I like the poem, its very beautiful. You made a wonderful poem. Keep up the good work! send me more poems coz I like it very much! I love poems even though I don't write poems but I love reading poems. Love, Scylla
It's absolutely beautiful :)

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