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The lines of this poem each consist of two separate parts, one conflicting with the other, just as our thoughts often do. It all comes together at the end, however, with the last line.

The only line that isn't "Conflicted".


Striving for greatness, but destined to fail.
Reaching for heaven, while living in hell.
Anxious to take, but reluctant to give.
Fearful of dying, and hasn't yet lived.
Wants to bask in the sun, but a creature of night.
Keeps doing wrong, but wants to do right.
Trying to stay young, but feeling so old.
A warm person at heart, but comes across cold.
Has it together, but falling apart.
Ready to finish, and has yet to start.
Living a life doing nothing, but dying.
Keeping a smile, at the same time crying.
Wanting it all, but has just a bit.
Desperate to stop, but can't seem to quit.
Happy here, but wants to be there.
Running in place and getting nowhere.
Craving that poison, but trying to refrain.
Feeling just great, when really in pain.
Staring in awe, but trying to ignore.
Wanting just a little, but swearing, "NO MORE!"
Keeping a promise, but feeling so torn.
Proud of one's self, and too, feeling scorn.
Thinking no one cares, but sensing concern.
Don't worry, it's cool, but the flames still burn.
Feeling so lonely, but afraid of devotion.
Wants to love openly, but can't show emotion.
Want's to take it easy, yet looks for storms to weather.
With God by my side, we'll do it together.
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I love this poem so much and would give it a telented TEN.
i love this poem. it expresses how i feel in a way i never could.
I think this is a great poem. it really mirrors how i feel. keep it up.
This poem was complete truth! Wonderful!

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