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A long description about a short poem. Funny...

In the midst of my absentmindedness, I realized how I, over the years, haven't changed. How I was like a camera filming a movie, watching everything, but not exactly participating. How I saw everything everyone did, and just adjusted my knobs and buttons to keep on filming.

And I realized who everyone really was, and I found it ironic, like all those other little things in life, that makes one really wonder why people put on little "acts" at all.

No One Seems Tall Anymore

Heave drops contain weak acid
Small bridges fall hard
Reality is distant from searching eyes
And no one seems tall anymore
I've not caught up
But only grown accustomed
To the true features
Of people
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11 Visitor Comments

It's like the poem captivates what I feel right now. I find it compelling! Love it!
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeeeeee poem
We had to find a poem to express who we were and what we felt and this poem was the one I chose! It is almost exactly what I have been through and where I have been in one short poem. I love it!
um. wow. i dont really know what else to say. its small but it has such an impact. . yeah. wow
my girlfriend once told me about this. lateron i realised it for myself. all in all,a poem to remember!
very to the point. short but very full! a delight!
When I was young I often looked up to elder people as they seemed to be so wise in the ways of the world. However, when I grew up I found many of them to be caught up in themselves, not really being concerned about others. Therefore your short but wise poem has a message in it for us all. Thank you
when i first saw the title it touched me and the poem was beatiful
i can't really explain how this poem made me feel. it just seems so , right. i feel like this every single day. I am so glad you have this talent, please keep sharing it. I love your work!
I have often felt this way myself. This is great!
I am stunned! I thought I was the only one that felt that way. You described it perfectly. I started watching very young, kinda like I wasn't there almost. I started with all this faith in people, and as I grew, put the pieces together, my faith in humanity has been slowly fading. This is my perception, I realize it may not have been yours. Thank you either way!

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