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No matter how much love we give, sometimes we have to save a little for ourselves.

Little Treasures

A forest of friendship,
A garden of love,
An ocean of kisses,
A bushel of hugs

A handful of wishes,
A pocket of dreams,
A big box of tenderness
Busting its seams

A cozy warm blanket
Tucked up to my ears,
Made of velvet rose petals,
Love letters and tears

A chest full of promises,
Drawer full of chances,
A great big red barn
Full of all of life's answers

A little red ribbon
To tie it all up,
A buffalo nickel
Stuck in for good luck

This is the present
I'll give to myself
The moment you put
My love on the shelf

I'm not afraid of not being your pleasure
Cause I've got a little red box full of treasures.
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4 Visitor Comments

What a sweet little poem! It is cleverly written and very insightful. I enjoyed it very much, a new favorite!
I just wanted to say, that this poem hits the spot with me, i'm always giving and my Husband tells me all the time to save some Love and time for myself. I never knew what he realy wanted me to do, but I do now. THANK YOU!
This poem highlights the things we all should cherish but overlook when we fall out of love.
This poem is..I dont know..I cant say what it exsatly does to me!:) I love this poem cause it says even though someone puts their love for you on the shelf you still have the love for yourself there and that never leaves you no matter what!:)

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