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This is a poem describing a dream of absolute freedom, a world where one can be truly free. Depending on how deep you read, though, you may just hear the plea of a trapped soul.

What If?

What if we could fly away?
Swim among the stars,
Feel the warmth of other suns-
Suns so near and yet so far.

What if we could touch the sky?
Speak the language of the trees?
Hear the branches whisper words
As they flutter in the breeze.

What if we could fight a storm?
Bellow back its angry cry,
Smite the mighty lightening bolts -
Strike them from the sky?

What if we could be the forest?
Harmony the robin's song?
Keep in all the good and right?
Banish everything evil and wrong?

What if we could fly away?
Embrace the starry sky?
Swim in waters of other seas?
Oh, what if we could fly?
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8 Visitor Comments

This is a great poem! it kind of reminded me of myself of how i always thought to myself what if this? what if that? and i think you should write more of poems.
very inspiring.a very good poem full of thoughts and dreams!
Loved this poem. I can relate to it so easily... the makings of a perfect peace, a perfect world.
So many what if's! I think the whole world gets that feeling. What if we knew what the future holds for us. Would we learn to live it to the fullest?
I love this poem! Everyone read it because it is beautiful!
This poem moved me very much. It reminded me of how I dream a lot and not realize that life can not always be a dream that I have to wake up someday.
this was a really beautiful poem and painted wonderful pictures in my mind! you should wrote more poems, this one is lovely!
What if? This is something i question myself all the time....this poem reflects the way i sometimes escape in my dreams thank you for this lovely poem!

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