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This is a poem of thoughts from a 29 year old male who ponders everything from the loss of his mother to the birth of his children to the gifts of new love and being forever happy. It is always healthy to get it out.

In My Mind

Is a clear, brisk night at the beach
better than a good storm
Hearing that song that only relates to one moment,
one person
Knowing that you have made a difference in someone's life
even if only one
Hearing waves pound on the sand
when you need to clear your mind
Knowing someone thinks
you are a great person
What if you would have told that special person your feeling earlier,
whose world would be better
Remembering childhood memories
and sharing them with someone who cares
Watching the love of your life smile
if for no reason at all
Knowing things should be perfect
wishing they were
Wondering what my one
wish would be
Have I created myself
or merely followed a path
Who judges me by what I do
and does it matter
Can life be any better
can it be any worse
Is someone reading your script
Am I really OK with dying
Have I done everything I need to do
Are my kids as happy as they can be
Why was I put on this earth
and am I accomplishing that purpose
Is there anyone listening
or am I alone
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4 Visitor Comments

Touching words. Its made me think of me. After a long time, I think so deeply about me with the words of this poem. Wonderfully describes. really a good work. Carry on.
thats truly me. internally n externally. like a song touches asumone,this song has surely touched me.
This was put wonderfully, It really described how I was feeling and it made me feel better.
wow very nice jordan. i to feel like if i just leave one with knowing i made them feel great . i live on

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